Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beauty joined to energy

Here is my review of the Degas Exhibition at the R.A. that Col, Jacks and me went to on Monday:

There were not enough seats, and those that were supplied were not comfortable.  The Earl Grey tea was good and I loved the teapots - they looked nice and poured properly.

The paintings?

Here is a verse from a poem called "Museum Piece" by Richard Wilbur:

"See how she spins!  The grace is there,
But strain as well is plain to see.
Degas loved the two together:
Beauty joined to energy."

Yes.  Wonderful dancers. But he was interested in the body and the energy, the movement.  He didn't seem to be interested in the faces at all.  And I hadn't realised how fascinated he was by the new art of photography.  Exciting times.

There was a few seconds of  film showing an elderly Degas walking in a Paris (I suppose it was Paris?) street with a young girl.  Sitting there watching it was like getting into the Tardis for a moment.

So its an exhibition well worth seeing.

Audrey and I were out on the work this morning. We both placed literature and will need to call back.  Mick is going to help me with the possible Bible student, but not till next week. We are all so busy this week.

I had a bad night with an arthritis shoulder.

Col and I had a walk on the beach this afternoon. There was a strong wind, white water and foam flowers blowing everywhere.  Standing on the pier watching the immense sea surge up the river was fantastic.  Beauty joined to energy.

It was another lovely day in retirement.  I am grateful for every one of them.

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