Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The feathers of the willow

(This should have been posted yesterday. I had a careless moment and deleted a whole load of my blog posts. Captain Butterfly managed to reclaim some of them from the DeleteoSphere, but not all).

Suddenly its November.   The "feathers of the willow" month (as in the Dobson poem).  Maggie and I were in Angmering this morning, on the door to door preaching work.  That meant an excursion onto the grown-up road with its big boy roundabouts.   We found quite a lot of people in and will need to make some return visits.

My eye problem is down to getting old (sigh) and I will have to learn to live with it (according to the Specialist at the hospital yesterday).  I had an ocean load of drops in my eyes and they were scanned to the max.  "Aha", said the doctor, "I can see the little spider.  It looks more like a tadpole though."  Apparently its a shadow caused by the thing that has happened in my eye.  I will be content if it gets no worse - and look forward hopefully to perfect eyesight in the restored earthly Paradise.

The Captain and I went to Cissbury Ring this afternoon for a two hour walk.  And, wonderfully, we found Neil crouching over a Clouded Yellow he was photographing.  So the Captain's day was made as near to perfection as is possible at the moment, and therefore so was mine.

We are looking forward to watching the final of "71 Degrees North" tonight.

It has been another beautiful Autumn day.

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