Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Another lovely Autumn day...

... but with a hint of Winter, down here by the Channel.   The sea is fairly calm, the sun is shining, but it is quite cold.   Captain B is settling down again to real life after his dive holiday.  I swooped and flew and hovered round his luggage as he unpacked it in the hall Saturday night, until with an interesting rustle, a parcel wrapped in Maldivian newpaper appeared.  I carried it off to my lair on the kitchen table, and I now have a lovely clownfish coffee mug.
He is back at the helm of the coffee machine too.
Jacks came round on Sunday night to hear about his adventures and have supper (chicken and chick pea casserole and apple crumble).
Audrey and  went out this morning - return visits and route calls.  I was able to take the "Does God Really Care?" brochure to a lovely lady who had asked me the question as to why there is so much suffering if there is a God who is good and all-powerful.
Its a question I always used to ask, and I hope she will find the Biblical answer as wonderful as I did.  And do.

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