Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Watching the Weather

Aug 26
Just sitting here watching the weather - and a flock of starlings flying along the seafront.  I wonder if they are the same little starling family we used to see and feed on the riverfront when we first used to visit here.  If so, they are thriving.  Maggie and I are going out this morning if it isn't raining heavily.  The Channel has gone very pale and flat, so I think some heavy rain may be on the way.  If so, we will re-schedule.

But, if the weather permits, I will take her on her magazine route calls today.   I didn't sleep too well last night for worrying about it, as I have to drive on the road with real big boy roundabouts on it.  Plus it means going over the rail crossing at least twice.

And we have busy railway lines here in the Downland.    I wonder if we will have trains when Paradise is restored?

I did a few return visits of my own yesterday, but only found two people at home.

The meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night was wonderful.   But can I be a doer of the word - and not a forgetful hearer?

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