Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How wonderfully Jehovah made Autumn.

June and I were working on the doors near the station this morning, and when we finished our territory we walked on round the corner to see if I could find a young girl that I met about 18 months ago.  She was a Filippina, and one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. We had a long chat and she took a "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" book.   I have called back many times and never found anybody at home.  However today the door was answered and I was able to find out that she now lives in another town, but keeps in touch.  I sent her my love and hope that her new congregation will be able to contact her.

June gave me a jar of home made ginger marmalade and a jar of home pickled onions.   

Yesterday I took Maggie on her magazine route.   And it was a cooking afternoon - mushroom soup and apple crumble for His Lordship's tea.  Looks like another cooking afternoon tomorrow - ginger marmalade muffins.

A young lad called by unexpectedly to look at, and quote for, the problem windows in the block. We had  quite a long chat, and he took a "Who Really Rules the World?" brochure with him.

Jackie is back - hurray - and we are invited to supper there tonight. 
It is another lovely Autumn day - cold but sunny - Autumn leaves everywhere, and the balcony geraniums flourishing.

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