Monday, 7 November 2011

The Diary of a Nobody...

Its a bit hard to know what to put in my blog at the moment.   Especially as the Captain's is so vivid.  Some lovely colours today - saturated reds and blues.   I spoke to him this afternoon - and Audrey has been on the phone a couple of times.  Yesterday was the meeting at the Hall, and i did some magazine route calls on the way back.

If I were to write up today it would basically be: did nothing, saw no-one, as I have been cleaning the flat and slowly climbing paperwork mountain.  It is more of a hill now, so something has been accomplished.

There is an interesting article in this month's Awake! which I hope will make all who read it think about the violent attempts that have been made by the powers-that-be to prevent people from finding out what the Bible actually says.

The article is "John Foxe" and his Turbulent Times."

In part it says:  "A citizen of nearby Coventry, Agnes told Foxe about a widow named Smith (or Smythe) who had taught her children the Ten Commandments and Jesus' model prayer, often called the Lord's Prayer. Instead of teaching her children in Latin though, she taught them in English.  For this "crime" she was burned at the stake, along with six men who were similarly charged. Because this gross injustice angered the people, the local Bishop spread the word that the victims were burned for the "greater crime" of eating meat on Fridays and other fast days."

Its hard to know where to start with that one.   Though I will just point out that the Christian Greek Scriptures enjoin no fasts.  You can eat meat, or not eat meat, as and when you want. All they do specify is that if you eat meat, it must be properly bled. You must not eat the blood.

Why was teaching children God's word in their native language so horribly punished?

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