‘Operation Tiger’, or ‘Exercise Tiger’, was part of a series of landing exercises carried out on the beaches of south Devon prior to the D-Day landings in June 1944. However, ‘Operation Tiger’ is most famous for the disaster that occurred at Slapton Sands that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of men – some at sea and some on the beaches of Slapton Sands. Ten times more Americans died in Lyme Bay and on Slapton Sands than at Utah Beach on June 6th.                         http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/world-war-two-in-western-europe/d-day-index/operation-tiger/
So many deaths,  How easily we have been persuaded to fear, fight and kill each other. And how grateful I am to have found the Christian congregation- a worldwide loving brotherhood.  And I hope that all those young men, on both sides, will awake from the sleep of death when the time comes and find themselves on an earth that is truly at peace.

So I will finish with one of my favourite Thomas Hardy poems: