Saturday, 5 November 2011

An evening with Jackie

Just back from Jackies.  She made a lovely supper of soup, then salmon with asparagus, followed by chocolate pot.  No blog from Captain Butterfly which is a bit worrying.   Jean and I were out on the doors this morning. We decided to do route calls rather than go to Arundel. It seems to have been a good decision as we found quite a few people in.  And I heard about her holiday in Cornwall - which is another place that holds some wonderful childhood memories for me, as my granny used to have a house down there, on the beach at Praa Sands. Its now a premier surfing beach, but then it was empty.  There has been a dreadful crash on the M5, down in the West Country I believe - one of the worst motorway pile-ups ever. Very frightening, and such a tragic ending for many peoples journey.

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