Friday, 11 November 2011

The House of One Milk

Soon to become the house of two milks again - all being well - and Captain Butterfly arrives back safely from his Indian Ocean adventures.   The "real" milk is thawing out even as I type.  And I have made an apple crumble - his favourite pudding.

This morning I took Audrey to the shops and had a coffee with her afterwards.   She has some lovely Autumn toadstools on her lawn, and that got us thinking about when the earth is Paradise again. Will all fungi be edible?  Or will our brains be working so perfectly then that we will have no problem sorting the good mushrooms from the bad?

Either way, it would be wonderful to go mushrooming every Autumn.

Headlines today worrying about a "financial Armageddon".  There are hard times ahead - but it is on a darkest hour before the dawn basis, as we are trying to tell people as we go door to door.  

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