Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Smell of Bracken

Aug 31
We went for a walk in Rewell Woods yesterday - early evening.  The heather was out and the air was full of the smell of bracken - which takes me back to my childhood picnics in the Derbyshire Dales.

Julia of Arabia arrived on Monday, in time for a sandwich lunch.  And Jackie came over to join us for dinner - which I kept simple - a Cook's lasagne, salad, cheese and tiramisu (Lidl).  We had a lovely evening and laughed a lot.  And we caught up on the current news from ExpatWorld.

We walked along the River Arun in the afternoon - the Bramley Apple Walk.  Julia left yesterday just before lunch.   No apples as yet, but lots of blackberries.

I am taking Audrey out on the doors this morning.  We have a few Not at Homes we can try to find At Home, and perhaps make a start on our September magazine deliveries.

Its the last day of Summer.  And likely to be a cloudy and overcast day.   I only hope that the Captain will be able to get out and about on butterfly business.  Otherwise you may read about Hurricane Butterfly hitting the South Coast of England.

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