Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The last of the Nabbs Family

We got more sad news yesterday, as we heard that Aunt Deirdre has died.   I think Mr.Skimpole would have called her The Beauty Aunt.   All our aunts were and are beautiful by the way, but I think it is Deirdre that Mr.Skimpole would have given that particular designation to.

The photo is of the family at Nabbs, many years ago.  We are on the bottom lawn - the steps to the top lawn can be seen behind us.

Aunt Deirdre was the last of the Nabbs "grown-ups".

The Bible's warning that, at the moment, "death reigns as king over us", sounds louder every year.

How young we all were then, including the timeless aunts and uncles.  But how quickly the years have gone by.

Audrey and I were out on the work that morning, trying to tell people the good news of the incoming Kingdom of  God, and to reassure them that the dead will wake up from the sleep of death when the time comes.

We worked in an area with a lot of shops and, where possible, i.e. when the shops were not busy, we left little leaflets with the staff.

Its was a grey November day, which was appropriate.

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