Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Moths at Bates Motel

Five-spot Burnet, Zygaena trifolii
I just found this poem by Walter de la Mare and thought I would ask Captain B if he has a moth photo that fits it.

The Moth
by Walter de la Mare

Isled in the midnight air,
Musked with the dark's faint bloom,
Out into glooming and secret haunts
The flame cries, 'Come!'

Lovely in dye and fan,
A-tremble in shimmering grace,
A moth from her winter swoon
Uplifts her face:

Stares from her glamorous eyes;
Wafts her on plumes like mist;
In ecstasy swirls and sways
To her strange tryst. 

And I was wondering if I were to write a poem about a moth how it would go.   I could write about the moth hotel on our balcony with its many lovely lacy visitors at night.  But it may be about to become more of a Bates Motel for our little visitors, as Col has installed a Batbox!

Yesterday was a quiet home day - which I love, having always been a homebody - shopped in the morning, made a marinade for the chicken for tomorrow - and a tomato salsa/curry to go with it - made the soup for supper, did a bit of studying, and watched the telly.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Mrs Henry Wood

I am just re-reading Mrs Henry Wood's "George Canterbury's Will". and am rather wishing that when I made my own fictional debut, I had thought to call myself Mrs Colin Knight, or even Mrs Captain Butterfly.

It is a wonderful Victorian melodrama, and quite a classic in its way.  Her most famous book was "East Lynne", which is not my favourite.  "Mrs Halliburton's Troubles" is THE Wood classic for me.

But what a different world we live in.  Her characters are all believers in God, all struggling with some moral dilemmas that would be hard for the current generation even to understand.  And she would be seen as a Christian writer, with her characters being Christians - good ones or bad ones.  Yet she clearly does not know what the Bible really says.  Her characters have immortal souls that float off heavenwards - well, for the good ones anyway - when they die.

Yet the teaching of the immortal soul is not a Christian one - nor a Jewish one - though Genesis does tell us where that teaching came from.   Satan told Eve that she would not die if she disobeyed her Creator, but that instead she would become "like God".  So he told her that there was something immortal about her.

And Satan is called "the father of the lie".  He told the first lie ever told.
Lovely meeting this morning. Back for lunch with Captain B (soup,veggie)   And then I made myself go out in the afternoon and take the Creation book I had promised to Mike. The meeting this morning had spurred me on.   Mike seemed pleased to see me, and very pleased with the book. His dilemma is that the theory of Evolution is pushed so strongly at us. 

We went to supper at Jackie's last night - chicken, rice and salad, followed by Tiramisu.  A fun evening, as it always is.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Bea Orchid and a Green Warning

This orchid arrived Saturday night, carried here by Jackie, but arranged (via pigeon post) from Bea of the Northern Wilderness.  It is white - my favourite orchid colour.   When she rang our doorbell Jacks said she needed Captain B to come and escort her up the stairs.  Because, of course, she was carrying an orchid as well as the usual bottle of wine.  And our lightning-frazzled lift is still out of order.

It is looking splendid on our orchid table and I plan to ask Captain B for a photo to attach.

As Saturday was a busy day for both of us - Captain B chasing the Black Hairstreak herds across the Sussex plains and me out early to the Hall, then delivering invitations to the upcoming Convention, then lunch at the Hall followed by the Broadcast, then Hall cleaning, then home - I had kept things simple.  I had a Lasagne from Cooks in the freezer so all I had to do was to set the table and make the salad and dressing.

It was a great evening with Jacks as it always is.

We - Jehovah's Witnesses - are going door to door telling all who will listen that we are coming to the end of the current wicked system of things on the earth.   Two thousand years ago Jehovah promised that he would "bring to ruin those ruining the earth". - Revelation 11:18

Ruining the earth.  When those words were written down, two thousand years ago, would it have seemed possible that we could bring a whole planet to ruin, let alone the only one we have to live on?

Yet is it exaggerating to say that is happening now - that the earth is very close to ruin?

I noted this article:

Green warning – Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has warned that we are presiding over “an ecological apocalypse” and Britain is increasingly “a green and unpleasant land”. The naturalist has urging people to join a 10-day “bioblitz” next month which will aim to record what wildlife remains – from butterflies to bryophytes, linnets to lichens – in Britain’s highways and byways.

Friday, 8 June 2018


Our balcony Thrift is thriving - and the Thrift that Bea took 'oop North is be thriving too.  I was talking to her the other day and she seems to be as busy and as creative as ever.

Captain B is somewhere in the wild country around Ditchling (one Teashop per square inch) and I hope that even as I type he is unearthing a pot full of Viking gold, left by King Eric the AbsentMinded, who could never remember where he hid his hoards.  I was on the door to door work with my siblings yesterday - in Ford.  And all those epic drives to Angmering must have helped as I was only minimally worried about the drive to Ford - which went smoothly, though, as always I pray about it first.

I was out with my siblings on Tuesday morning, and after we finished I called in on Mike and found him at home - and very impressed with the information I had left him about Creation v Evolution. He wants to hear more. I am hoping that I can find a brother to go with me - maybe on Saturday. I will have to pray about this.

Saw Maggie on Wednesday.  She was looking smart - they have done her hair very nicely.

Today is a shopping, Butterfly paperwork, and studying day.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

A Hot Day

Isn't there an expression "flaming June"?    It was hot enough yesterday for sure.  Captain Detectorist left very early - and I got myself to the Post Office and Waitrose shortly after 9 o' clock.  I need a particular parking space that guards my driver's door from being blocked in.  And I had some returned Butterfly paperwork to be re-addressed and re-posted.

Then - having lugged the shopping up the stairs - lifts still lightning-struck and me still very feeble - I made myself go out and do some calls.  Had quite a good morning - including Mr.T who gave me a warm welcome in his caustic way.   We had a long chat - and I also lent him a copy of "Waiting for Gordo". He is a great reader.

I had planned to go to the Field Service group Saturday morning, but a sister asked me if I would go on a Bible study with her on Friday morning, so I had to transfer the shop/post office business to Saturday. And, given that I got some much needed return visits done, I think it was a good idea.

The study was lovely. It reminded me of my early days when Wilhellmina and Ruby used to come faithfully every week and patiently teach me.   I can see this student, not young, beginning to wake up.   Its as if people are in a deep sleep - a sleep I was in myself for the first half of my life.

2 Corinthians warns about this blindness, when speaking of Satan "the god of this system things" it warns:  "among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through." - 2 Cor.4:4

God's inspired word is the tool for removing that blindfold, IF people will listen to it.

I was exhausted when I got back after my calls on Saturday - unpacked, had lunch, fell into a deep sleep, only wakened by Captain Butterfly phoning to tell me he was on his way home. 

We had supper at Jack's Saturday night - pork Dijon, new potatoes, asparagus (the first we have had this year), followed by choc ice, and a cheeseboard.  She always has choc ices in as she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren who visit a lot.

Its another hot day today.  It was the meeting this morning - but apart from making lunch and supper (soup, omelette) I seem to have done nothing.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

An Interview.

Today is the day of my first ever interview as an author.

I am very very nervous.

The interview is at 11 and will be by Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe, for her book programme.  I will be so glad when its done, unless I make a total mess of it.... aarrgghh... not sure I can even remember what my own name is at the moment.

We now have some limited access to Cyberspace, but the lifts are still down. Captain Moth spent yesterday permanently attached to the phone trying to get it sorted.And he is spending this morning rehearsing me for the interview.

We had a strong sea fret yesterday evening, and this morning it monsooned again. No thunderstorm though, thank goodness!

It will probably hold off till we get the lifts fixed, and then strike.

Jennifer and I visited Maggie yesterday.   She was delighted to see us, not that she knows us now, but she loves a visitor - the more the merrier.  And we were very merry - we laughed a lot together.

A Lightning Strike!

On Monday afternoon - a hot Bank Holiday - I noticed that people were running from the beach and the Green.  It had suddenly begun to monsoon - torrents coming down - the balcony awash in minutes - all the BBQs on the Green extinguished. And one of our geraniums was swimming desperately in its pot which had turned into a lake.

The phone rang.  It was Captain Moth to tell me he was on his way home from the savage wilderness of Hampshire (another detectorist day).  As I picked up the phone, there was the loudest clap of thunder I have heard. I saw no lightning but there must have been a strike as on that instant my internet went down, and when the Captain came home he found he could not open his garage door.    And the next day we found that it had put all the lifts out!

The Internet engineer doesn't come till Thursday - when I hope to be able to publish this blog.  Monday was a Bank Holiday, which does not help.

Jacks rang as soon as I had put the phone down on the Captain to say how scary it all was.  It was a very violent storm.