Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Rerturn of the Native - Dave and Maggie

Captain B has asked me to point out that the Detectorist Fest he went to in Norfolk was not Detectorval - clearly that it not a generic term, as I thought - but was called  Something Else (I will have to check with him when he returns from his SUSSAR call out).

And it is very organised and raises money for local charities.  I know he would like to go again next year, if there is one.

I was out with Jean in the morning doing return visits.   Had some excellent calls. And I dropped a card in to Grace, giving her my contact details in case she needs any further info.

Dave and Maggie came today and took us for lunch at the Arun View.   We haven't been for ages, and it was a real treat.   I had grilled mushrooms with cheese on a bed of veggies, Maggie had a chicken salad, Dave had cod and new potatoes and the Captain had roast crackling pork with all the trimmings.

We came back here for coffee, biscuits and ice-cream. I demonstrated the soup machine to Maggie, who is keen on getting one.

They still seem very happy with their Thai life, and are both keeping busy - Maggie with her new career in showbiz!   Never think that retirement will be boring. It isn't. Just the opposite.  But we are all very conscious of how time is slipping away.

It was very good to see them again. We have known each other a long long time.

Monday, 24 September 2018

The Return of the Captain.

Captain Butterfly has been away at a Detectorval in Norfolk - he left on Thursday. So that was  3 sleeps without him.  I am glad to have him back.   He found a half hammered coin, and there was one really good, museum quality, find on the rally.

I am sure photos will be appearing on his blog soon enough.  It is linked to mine via The Captain's Log.

I kept busy(ish) - can't do that much anymore.  I went out with one of the young pioneers on Thursday afternoon, and had my talk in the Ministry School during the Thursday night meeting.   Friday morning I shopped for Jacks and spent the morning with her.   I cannot think what else I did that day, but probably I fell asleep.

Then it was out with the valiant Jean on Saturday morning. We had a wonderful time.  Jean can't walk too much now, and I have a very painful left foot at the moment, so we prayed for good parking spaces. And we found one outside each house we were calling at!

Very very grateful.  We had some wonderful calls too - the last being to a lady who we had not called on for weeks and weeks, but she remembered Jean. She she told us that she would love to live here on the earth forever.

We hope so much to be able to show her that that is just what the Bible promises.  Jesus that the meek (those meek towards their Creator) will "inherit the earth".   He said "the earth", not heaven.

Sunday was the meeting.  And a downpour, which had eased off when we left the Hall.  It rained in Norfolk too and so Col and his half-hammered were back early.

Friday, 21 September 2018

My Talk

I delivered my talk at the Kingdom Hall Thursday night.  We, my partner and I, got slightly lost in the middle but we soldiered on and got back on track.

TALK September 2018
First Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Begin with the sample conversation. The person tells you that he is a Christian.
Question: To what extent does God pay attention to us as individuals?
Scripture: Mt 10:29-31
Link: How do we know that God understands us?

Sue. Good morning. I am glad to find you at home.  I am Sue - and I am hoping you remember the conversation we had last week about how God cares for each one of us.   We agreed that with so much stress on us all at the moment, it can be easy to lose sight of that.

HH . Yes. I do remember. And its kind of you to call again, but you know I am a Christian, I'm a regular churchgoer, so I don't think I will really be interested in talking any more.

Sue.  Oh, its  lovely that you do have a belief.  So many people don't even believe in God these days, let alone Christianity.    But let me assure you that we're Christians.  In fact I came today because I was wanting to share some lovely reassuring words from Jesus himself, if I may.

HH.  Well, yes.  If they are from Jesus.  We do need reassurance at these times don't we?

Sue:  We do.  Maybe as never before.   Reads Mathew 10:29-31:
"Two sparrows sell for a coin of small value, do they not? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.  But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.  So have no fear; you are worth more than many sparrows."

Isn't it good to know that Jehovah cares for his creation so much that even the tiniest sparrow matters to him - yet we are even more precious. He knows us so well he has every hair of our head numbered.

HH.  it is, of course.

Sue.  It is very helpful to me to able to share those lovely words with someone who appreciates them.   And if I may I would like to call back this time next week, as I want to show you some other  verses, this time from the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament.   They show us how much our Creator understands us, and understands our difficulties.  

HH.  Yes, Jesus often quoted from the Old Testament didn't he?

Sue. He did. They are a vital part of God's word.

HH.  If you do want to call back and talk some more you will probably find me in on a Wednesday morning.

Sue. Thanks.

The fact that Jehovah has every hair of our heads numbered explains why he told Joshua not to be afraid because "underneath are the everlasting arms".

God keeps us carefully in his memory, so that even if we die, He can remember us, and re-create us from the dust of the ground, and we can live again.

“Your dead will live. My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, You residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of the morning, And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life." - Isaiah 26:19

Among the many miracles Jesus did while on the earth was to raise the dead, to show that he is Jehovah's annointed one, and to show what he can and will do when God's Kingdom is ruling over the earth.

Those resurrected back then had to die again of course.  But all those resurrected during the Thousand Years will have life "to time indefinite" ahead of them.  Everlasting life.

I also went out on the Field Service Thursday afternoon with one of the young pioneers, and did a load of butterfly paperwork that arrived in the morning.  

Saturday morning - shopping done - and for Jacks - stopped for coffee and a chat - soups (2) made - washing put away - butterfly memberships posted. I now hope to crash out in front of Bargain Hunt.

Oh, and I did this blog.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Captain Butterfly - the Return!

The Captain got back from his long weekend Metal Detecting.  And it did seem a long weekend without him.  And talking of without - he is still without that hoard.  But he had a good time.

I kept busy.  Jean and I managed nearly an hour and a half on the field service on Saturday morning, and it was a productive hour I hope. And I managed about an hour yesterday, picking up on some return visits, and also getting into a long discussion about Evolution/Creation.  And I took Jacks to her GP appointment on Friday.  They were running a good half hour behind, so it was a long wait. Then we drove to the Pharmacy to get the meds, and I had a coffee with Jacks afterwards. And popped in again Saturday afternoon, for another coffee.  Heather was there, looking stunning.

Anyway, I am very glad to have His Lordship back - and am looking forward to my lovely morning coffee. No-one flies the coffee machine like Captain B.

Had some bad news about my health, and am beginning to wonder if I will follow my mother, who, sadly died in her mid-70s, warn out by the arthritis and the medications. And the pain.

But we had a wonderful meeting at the Kingdom Hall yesterday.  And whatever happens, I do hope I will "inherit the earth" and live forever on this lovely planet.  Its an undeserved kindness, so we can all hope.  But we do need to grasp hold of the lifebelt that Jehovah is holding out to every one of us - the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Gone to Earth.

Jean and I managed an hour and 40 minutes on the work on Tuesday morning.  And I visited Maggie - had a long chat with one of the young nurses, who is very fond of her.  And on Wednesday there was a glowing numinous light on Green and Sea as the sun began to set.  The gulls on the Channel glowed pink and gold.
When the Captain can find a moment in a long weekend of intense Metal Detectoring, I shall ask him to add a photo to this blog as he was out on the balcony, camera'd up, doing his best to capture it.

What a lovely lovely world Jehovah made for us.

But what a state it is in.  I have been re-reading Mary Webb's "Gone to Earth" - a long time favourite of mine. She sees clearly both the beauty and glory of the world and the cruelty of the current system of things. And cannot understand or reconcile them.

But, when Jehovah wakes her from the dreamless sleep of death, she will understand. She will learn what the Bible was telling her all along.   And she will open her eyes in an earth ruled by the law of loving-kindness, not the "red in tooth and claw" world she depicts so heartbreakingly in "Gone to Earth".

I have never heard anyone point out that while she is a very intense, didactic writer, she can also be very funny when she wants.  If I can find a moment I might type a couple of excerpts in to demonstrate.   Not in this blog though.

Has anyone ever done a dissertation on the humour in Mary Webb's novels?

Monday, 10 September 2018

A Weekend in Retirement

Saturday was the monthly Broadcast at the Kingdom Hall.  It is an especially good and helpful one.

I rang Jean in the morning and we worried together about the weather - some ominous looking clouds standing off.   But we convinced each other - with the help of a Google weather search - that it would be OK.  Jean is in a very frail condition at the moment and a soaking would not be a good idea.   Then as I set off to pick her up the rain began!

However, it stopped as soon as I got to her carpark. And we managed to do an hour and a half of calls and return visits.  We had a really lovely time. Then back to the Kingdom Hall for a cup of tea, a sandwich and the broadcast.  It was all such a help.  My health is not good at the moment, I feel so tired and down.

We even found the elusive lawyer at home!    I don't think I have see him for two months, though I have tried.   And while he did not stop to talk much, he recognised us, seemed pleased to see us and was happy to take the current magazine, which addresses his concerns.

Surely more and more people are wondering this:

The rest of the day was not so good. Jackie cancelled for supper - she is feeling so bad at the moment and I felt more and more tired as the day wore on and did nothing.

Yesterday I took AM to the meeting - though we had to walk a bit. The road was closed for a cycle race so I had had to park the car a few roads away. It was an exceptionally lovely and reassuring meeting.  A Bible student who attends regularly says that the teaching seems to get better and clearer all the time.

There is no other teaching on earth like it. I can't tell you how grateful I am that Jehovah sent his witnesses to my door all those years ago. 

Then, afterwards, I did a bit of shopping for Jacks (and us), got the Butterfly Memberships ready for post plus the associated paperwork, and collapsed and watched a lot of telly.  I must have fed us too.  The Captain was out a'detectoring and took sandwiches. And I had a packet of crisps and a choc ice...

Salmon salad for supper and the rest of the soup for moi.

A busy weekend - or busy for me as I am these days. And I am enjoying a Monday off.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Red Underwing

Red Underwing, Catocala nupta
Tuesday night - balcony - excitement - our Clifden nonpareil had returned - then disappeared - where was it?  Behind the empty bat box as it turned out. And it also turned out not to be the Blue Underwing, but a Red Underwing.     Just as amazing - but possibly not quite as rare.

I visited Maggie on Wednesday and found her sitting in the dining room, over her after lunch coffee.  She always waits till its quite cold until she drinks it. We chatted for half an hour - which is to say I burbled on and Maggie used the few words she has left and seemed happy I was there. Although she has no idea who I am.

The sparkly fan seems to have lost most of its magic for her, but she has taken a fancy to my black and red handbag, and it got a lot of tough love.  Fortunately I wasn't carrying any eggs in it.

It will be wonderful when we can actually talk to each other again.  But we must wait for the restoration of all things - including perfect health for us - the damaged children of disobedient Adam.

Having just read Nigel Slater's "Toast", I was moved to try one of his quick curry recipes and I made a chicken curry yesterday. Its not bad, but I think I need to try a different curry power - it is a Curry Powder curry.   The Captain will be meeting it again tonight, but served with potatoes and a veg this time, as a sort of spicy stew.

Had a chat with the doctor today - they had asked me to do a telephone consultation in the wake of my last blood test  - much more sensible than going in for an appointment.   Blood test results a little concerning - but keep up with all meds and keep repeating the tests.

But then I am in the death zone - I have had my threescore years and ten... and whatever resources are poured into me, I will die sometime in the next 10 years.  I can't see myself going beyond 80.

Unless that is Armageddon comes first, and Jehovah protects me through it.   All who are brought through have the prospect of living forever on this lovely planet, which floats like a blue and white jewel in an awe-inspiring universe.

So there is everything to hope for, and no need to despair.