Monday, 16 September 2019

Miss Milton Paled

Is it a sign of my age - of my approaching death (damaged child of Adam that I am) - that glimpses of the past keep coming back so vividly, but, as they say, I can't remember what I had for my lunch yesterday?  Though actually I can - it was the spring rolls from the freezer, and his Lordship had ham sandwiches plus cake somewere out in the Steyning Wilderness.

But I found myself laughing this morning at a childhood memory from the William books.  It amused me then, it amuses me now.  William is to have a part in the village panto. He is to be a member of the bird chorus,, and Miss Milton has written him a little poem to recite.   It goes like this:

"Around the garden
 I do flit
 Tom-tit I am
 I am Tom-tit".

But William says he wants to be a vulture, and he writes his own poem.  It goes like this:

"I swoop down upon 'em
 And then
 Dead men I eat
 I eat dead men."

"Miss Milton paled."

I used to spend many rainy hours at Nabbs curled up in one of its back rooms with a William book from one of the book filled cupboards and shelves.

And I remember what we had for supper yesterday too.  Col had the cold remains of the chicken pie and accompaniments that he, Jacks and I had hot on Saturday night. And I supped off the remains of the soup (veggie) and a bowl of Alpen.

So obviously Jacks was round Saturday night - and we had our usual fun evening.   Col was out metal detecting during the day - after we both had our Flu shots - and I was at the Hall for the broadcast.

At about 17 minutes in, you will find the story of the JW congregation in Canada that suddenly found it had a thousand people requesting a home Bible Study! 

I do keep saying to family and friends here in the UK to take the offer of a free home Bible study - one hour a week, at a tme to suit you - while it is still so freely available, so easy.

Just hear us out.  And check everything we tell you against your Bible, which is a rock of truth in a spinning world.  And use whatever translation you want, but preferably a modern language one, as English is a living language.  And ideally use a translation that does not remove God's name, Jehovah. Remember that Jesus asked us to pray that his Father's name should be hallowed, or sanctified.

Jesus made his Father's name known.  At John 17:26 he said:  "I have made your name known to them, and will make it known."

And so shouldn't all his followers do the same, make Jehovah's name known?.

What did I do on Friday? That I must admit has vanished into the mists of time.  I think I must have shopped, for us and for Jacks.- and I would suppose I had made the cauliflower cheese for Saturday then, but in fact I made it Saturday morning.

Sunday was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall. I chauffered a young sister and her father to the Hall, but they decided they would walk back, it was such a nice day. And its a lovely walk along the Seafront.

I used to do it myself.  Yesterday, when I was young.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Ivon Hitchens at The Pallant

We went to Chichester on Tuesday, shopped a bit, had a curry lunch, and then visited the Ivon Hitchens at The Pallant Gallery:

Its a fun exhibition. I love the colours he uses, we both did.  My favourite was The Iron Bridge over the Rother.   Normally Jacks would have come with us, but I think those days are now gone.

Getting old means saying goodbye to more and more things.   We had a "last Pallant visit" with Jacks over 2 years ago, I guess. But we didn't know it was the last.   We are talking about taking her out for a pub lunch next month though, when she is over the shock of the fall.

And as for what is happening in the world...  that is all recorded every day, all over cyberspace. And it is awful as cruelty and lawlessness increase worldwide.   Why anyone should doubt the Bible's warning that the whole system lies in the power of "the wicked one" Satan the devil, I do not know. He is called both "the father of the lie" and "a manslayer". 

And how many lies are used to start wars, getting brother to kill brother?

The current wicked system of things on the earth is coming to its end, and Satan will take as many down into destruction as he can.   Has the Kingdom preaching work Jesus left for his followers to do ever been as urgent?

Whch makes me wonder guiltily what on earth I did on Wednesday?  I know we shopped - for us and Jacks - and I have a feeling I slept on the sofa most of the afternoon.   All I can say is must try to do better.   I am so tired at the moment.  Being old, with arthritis, is sometimes like running on empty.

My Fitbit is a little sneakpot.  Captain B was sitting at his computer and he suddenly said accusingly: "Your Fibit battery is low."   "How do you know?", I asked, surprised.  "It just told me so."

Big Brother is watching me.

We seem to have lost quite a few of our moth babies, but the others are thriving, and Col went out and found some more of the leaves they like. They are very faddy, but that is babies for you. 

And I was out on the door to door preaching work with my siblings Thursday morning. Had a good morning - not many at home, but had some good conversations, placed  3 little publications, and were given some cooking apples by one kind gentleman.  I had intended Captain B to have baked apple and custard for his supper, but Jean rang me while I was cooking, with a lot to tell me, and it turned out to be disintegrated apple by the time I got to it.

Still, he has eaten it all.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A Family BBQ and No Water

Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae

We woke up on Saturday morning to find we were without water. So was the whole block. As, it turned out, so was the whole town!   How much we take for granted that we turn on a tap and clean water comes out.

All credit to Southern Water as they managed to find and fix the leak - which was quite obscure apparently, though it must also have been an immense one.  It was a good day to be going out to a family BBQ being held in a different town, in a different county - although we had to go without a shower... I had to scrub myself down with wet wipes.   The water was back on by the time we got back in the evening.

We hadn't seen Rob and Catherine's new house before, and were very impressed.  It is an end terrace, which gives them a couple of dormer windows on the side, and, very importantly, in the Home Counties, it gives them a 3 car garage plus extra parking space.   They have plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms - and a lovely walled garden. 

And they had water coming out of their taps!

We saw Linda, and Richard and Jenny and enchanting little daughter, and - big surprise this - the Thai Branch of the family, over on a visit sorting out his paperwork.   Catherine says that they plan to make the BBQ an annual event.

And Captain Butterfly, his camera, and myself spent some time in their sunny front garden which has a budleia bush that was buzzing with butterflies - Whites, Painted Ladies, Red Admirals, and I can't remember, so I will have to use my all-purpose buttterfly name: a Duke of Fritillary.  Actually it may have been a Tortoisehell.

Sunday was the meeting - very very good public talk about the Biblical view of headship - so different from the spirit promoted by "the world" and its media.   And please never forget that it is Satan who set the spirit of rebellion in the world and who promotes it strongly.

Jackie came round for supper Sunday evening:  Thai Chicken (courtesy of Cooks), rice, white and brown (for me). vegetable spring rolls (courtesy of Waitrose), followed by ice-cream with choc flakes for those able to have them (i.e. not me).  We had a good evening together, as we always have.   But for how much longer I now wonder?

I took Jean out on Monday morning, as Tuesday we were planning to have the day in Chichester.  And we had a good hour - got three warm welcomes, and were invited in. We got caught in two cloudbursts and we were soaked.  "What have you been doing?" asked the kind lady, as she helped us out of our sodden coats and made us cups of coffee.  Jean left the current magazine with her married daughter who was visiting too.  And I noticed her quietly looking through it and reading as we were talking.

It is so well worth a read.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Religious Truths?

Its been a  pretty quiet housebound week, though we both got back to reasonable form on Thursday- Himself out detectorising and me to the meeting at the Hall.

We shopped for Jacks and ourselves on Friday.  And we have a busy weekend coming up.  There is a bit of a family reunion, and Dave and Maggie - ex-Expats - are in the country so we plan to get together next week. Hopefully we will be seeing a bit more of them in the future as they will be spending more time in the UK.

And I found this among my files - don't know where it came from, but it is rather clever.

It's spot on about us Jehovah's Witnesses at least.  And given the awful mess we, the damaged children of disobedient Adam are in, how urgently everyone needs to know why all this is happening and what is going to happen next.

         R E L I G I O U S  T R U T H S















So please yes let us in and we will tell you why all these things are happening and what Jehovah is going to do about it.  It is all set out in the Bible on your shelf, and we long to show you what it really says.

Monday, 2 September 2019

A Zimmer Frame made for Two (or a Double Flare-up)

Jean and I did not get Saturday off to the most brilliant of starts.   "Is it Saturday already?!" asked Jean in amazement when I rang her in the morning to see if she was able to come out on the service.  She had me doubting it, and I had to go and check with Captain Butterfly.

We seem to be giving that well-worked phrase "You're a pair of idiots" plenty of exercise these days, as I drive us to the wrong road, and Jean forgets what day it is.  However, our student had prepared the room for us and cleared all the chairs so we could get down to the Bible study.  Which was very encouraging.

Touchingly he keeps a picture of his late wife on one of the chairs so she can keep him company and they can watch telly together.  He is s lovely old-fashioned man.  Went to Sunday school, to church, was brought up by parents who taught him and brought him up well.

However, he knows next to nothing about the Bible.  Which is something Jean and I realised about ourselves when we both started our Bible study with our local Jehovah's Witness congregations many years ago.  We knew next to nothing about it either, despite our religious educations.

Friday...  what did I do?  I did a big shop for us and for Jacks, and delivered it.  And my afternoon went in making a roast chicken dinner - which gave plenty of cold chicken, veggies and salad for the Captain's carnivorous meals for the rest of the weekend.   It was a free range chicken by the way.

Saturday night was not good in that the pain in my right foot woke me up, I had to get up, get a bowl of cereal so I could take all my medicines - they are hard on the insides.  And I did pray to Jehovah that I would be able to drive us to the Meeting, and I did.  So I thank for that. I missed last Sunday's meeting because I wasn't even able to get dressed, let alone drive.  But I have done nothing to speak of since, beyond making sure Captain B's supper was ready for him, when he got in tired and hungry from a day in the field (the Detectorist field in this case).  It was chicken salad so not too difficult.

And yes it is an arthritis flare up - right foot very swollen and painful.

And this morning, the Captain is down too. His knee!   And we only have the one Zimmer frame beween us.    I hope we can manage to get me to my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and then on to the Post Office to despatch the latest Butterfly Membership Packages, and also a small parcel for Darren.

Friday, 30 August 2019

The FitBit and the Sedan Chair

Captain Butterfly has bought me a FitBit...   and I feel super athletic as I hobble round with a fitbit on my wrist.

Jean and I went out Tuesday morning, later on - we don't seem able to cope with the early start that will get us to the Field Service Group at the moment - but we are going to try on Saturday, and do some first calls.  We had a good morning out - a couple of good return visits and each placed some literature.

Wednesday morning we -  Captain Butterfly and Mrs.Captain B - went out to find some nourishment for our new moth babies. They are very fussy about what they eat.  We found a little something to be going on with.  And Himself did an expedition by car later to get a whole troughload. Their mum has died on our balcony, so we will now have to do our best.

I plan to knit a hundred little woolly vests, now that I am a moth-er.  September nights can be chilly.

Re my Fitbit, it hadn't dawned on me that it needed to be charged, just as my Ipad (which it talks to) does.  So when Captain B took it away to charge.  I had to order a Sedan chair on the spot.  I wasn't going to waste steps - uncounted steps! - walking from lounge to bedroom.  No way.

Thursday morning I was out with the congregation doing first call. It was very hot.  But we managed to complete our territory and were invited for a coffee afterwards.   It is always nice to have a coffee with siblings.   So it was a lovely morning.

In the afternoon I fell asleep, after making sure I had Captain Butterfly's tea well in hand.  Veggie soup - he said it was a very good one.  He had a whole day's detectorising in Hampshire to do, and a meeting in the evening.  So he only had a short supper window. 

He found a couple of nice little silver coins too - which I expect will appear on his blog in due time.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The Misadventures of Doris (a Saga) - and ANOTHER arthritis flare-up

The saga of Doris, my sister's latest rescue dog, continues to great effect on facebook.  I thought her latest advenure was too good not to share:

"Doris is generally an amiable and well-behaved dog (apart from a few regrettable lapses), and in every way, much easier to manage than Ollie was. However, once in a blue moon she pulls off a stunt that would have left Ollie standing, open-mouthed with admiration.
Like yesterday evening, for example. We are always careful to keep the door of Ken's studio closed, as there are hazardous things in there, and Doris, being a Jack Russell, will, if given half a chance, find them. But around eight, I went in to get something and left the door open behind me. Doris followed me in.
The next thing I knew, she was racing off down the corridor with an illicit prize in her mouth. I went after her and grabbed her, landing on the floor in the process, while she tightened her grip on what turned out to be a tube of superglue, which burst.
Doris decided she didn't like her new toy, spat it out and started wiping her face on the floor. I tried to leap to my feet, except my knees were now glued to the carpet so I landed on my face.
I crawled to the phone with a carpet tile attached to each knee and my hands glued together, called the vet and explained what had happened. 'Is her jaw glued shut?' she asked. I looked at Doris who was busily trying to remove Ken's hand as he wiped her face clean. It was clearly All Our Fault, and Doris wasn't prepared to be forgiving about this. 'No,' I said, 'I don't think so.'
The vet advised us, against what sounded like a background of guffawing, to feed her little and often to keep everything moving, and bring her in if she seemed ill. 'She seems fine at the moment,' I said, as Doris proceeded to shred the flannel Ken had been using to clean her up.
I spent the next half hour peeling my hands apart and freeing myself from the carpet tiles. That's one pair of jeans I won't be able to wear again, but at least the carpet tiles are in an inconspicuous place.
Doris ate everything we offered and took herself off to bed, while Ken and I opened a large bottle of wine. This morning, Doris in fine, apart from some rather stiff hairs round her mouth. Ken and I are still twitching and picking superglue off our hands."

Monday was a Bank Holiday - very hot.  We shopped for us and Jacks, and I rang Jean to say that hopefully we will be able to go out on the work tomorrow.

And I also made a batch of marmalade muffins as I am down to the last piece of cake in the freezer - and Col needs a lot of packed lunches at this time of year - he is out Butterfly hunting, Moth hunting, Treasure hunting, and sometimes helping to hunt for Lost People when he gets a SUSSAR callout.