Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Starry Pearl

Starry Pearl, Cynaeda dentalis
Here is the Captain's latest moth - beautiful name, beautiful creature.  It was resting in our downstairs porch - and is a very rare sighting indeed for West Sussex.   He is very pleased.

Supper at Jacks Saturday night. She gave us Thai chicken curry, rice and salad, followed by creme caramel with raspberries, plus cheeseboard. All delicious.   And a fun evening of course.  How long have we known each other now?    And we are sharing the experience of growing old together - with its difficulties and its compensations.

The Captain left early  on Sunday laden down with Metal Detectors and sandwiches hopefully heading towards the exact spot where Frederik the Forgetful buried his hoard of gold coins.    The veggie soup for supper is made.

Its Monday, and either Frederik did remember where his hoard was, or Col never found it.  Or possibly there never was a Frederik the Forgetful in the first place.    Either way no hoard, but the Captain had a fun day.

I was at the meeting on Sunday no passenger this time, she is away.  Powerful teaching, gave me a lot to think about, and I may have to make quite a change...  need to pray about it and talk it over with an elder.  They are all younger than me now! - but they are so helpful and kind.  And stand firm for Biblical principles.

Then I dropped in some shopping and a Watchtower to Jean who wisely did not come to the meeting - she is still shaken and bruised from her fall.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

JWs under Franco

The valiant Jean said she wanted to go the Broadcast at the Kingdom Hall today, which worried me a bit until I thought to ask Jehovah in prayer that there could be a parking space free for us in the layby right outside the Hall - something that hardly ever happens these days.

We got there - and there was the space - a lovely big one too - Jehovah knowing exactly what I need to be able to park my little car.  We got there just as it was starting and I think it really helped us both.  Halfway through there was a short item about Jehovah's Witnesses under Franco.  I had never thought about that, but of course it was so hard for our young brothers. They could not join the military as the regime demanded. Followers of Christ have "laid down" their swords, and take no sides in the divisive politics and cruel wars of the world.

They went to prison for a long time.  One brother said they began to wonder if they would ever come out.

But they stood firm, and so did their families.

And I managed an hour on the doors this morning, trying to catch up on all my return visits. I got some done...  but

We dine a Jackie's tonight which I am really looking forward to. I know she is cooking Thai - perfect for this weather.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Watching the GoggleBox

We have been watching the Athletics.  In my case, lying on the sofa watching the athletes...  it makes me feel really healthy.    Though most of the rest of the week seems to have been taken up by various medical trips.

We woke up on Thursday to find it is raining and The Channel was a lovely shade of grey.  Not sure about this morning - the sun seems to be appearing, in a cloud filled sky.  Beautiful.

My gallant field service partner Jean has had a fall, so I will ring her before we go shopping to see if she needs anything delivered.   And I have a sackload of Butterfly membership packages to post. They arrived yesterday, I started them - and finished them in the early hours of this morning.

Wonderful meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night, and I feel sad for all those who miss out on this teaching.  Its freely available in this country too. That is not the case everywhere.  And as the current wicked system of things on the earth comes to its end, who knows how difficult it might become.

Monday, 6 August 2018

My Auditory Hallucination

You too can hear it - should you wish - if you listen to this youtube video - of Nathan Granner singing "If I loved you" in rehearsal.

For some weeks, last year, I could hear this perfectly in my right ear, every note, every intonation, like a distant radio playing  I can't sing, and am pretty much tone deaf.  Yet my ear/brain had it all perfectly.

Its gone now.  But the tinnitus has not.

We took Jacks shopping this morning.  The HEAT is getting her down too.   And Jean and I did some return visits on Saturday morning - and had some good calls.    I chauffered a sister and her father (who was visiting) to the Kingdom Hall yesterday, but that is about all I did.   Its so HOT.

Today apart from shopping I made a roast chicken dinner for himself with the idea that he can have chicken salad for the next few days. I have done my studying for the day, some housework, a little bit bit of witnessing, but not much else.

Saturday, 4 August 2018


Last month we got an anguished email from Penny to tell us that they had lost Shaun. He is their eldest son and our eldest nephew and he had been so ill earlier in the year that he spent some weeks in a medically-induced coma.  We were braced for the worst then, but he did slowly recover, was discharged, and appeared to be getting back to normal.  He had even bought himself a new wardrobe, having lost a lot of weight in hospital.

Then his brother - presumably worried that he hadn't been answering his phone - went round to his flat and found him.

That is all we know so far.

But I have been thinking of the young Shaun. Was he 7 when we first knew him?  Pen was his step-mum.  When she met George he was divorced, a single dad, living in high rise council flat and doing his best to bring up his two young lads.

At that time all us sisters lived in the same city, as did our parents, and Col's bro and his wife (to be). And my aged parents.   And we saw each other all the time.  Shaun often talked about visiting us at our Dore house and playing games in the garden. 

The world is full of sadness at the moment.   But I hope that Shaun is sleeping safe in "the everlasting arms", and that he has a wonderful awakening of him, into an earth that is full of joy.

Here is the promise:

 “Your dead will live. My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, You residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of the morning, And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life." - Isaiah 26:19

And have any of Jehovah's promises ever failed?   They never have, and they never will.  Isn't that the very meaning of his name?

Yesterday was a medical day, trying to get some help for my current medical problems. The Captain threatened to take me down to A&E, and the doc has put me on some strong steroids  - a cream application, twice a day.  Its all misery

Another hot hot day too.   Anyway, I plan to go out with Jean this morning. We will do some return visits.  And I did do some first calls with my congregation siblings on Thursday.  A quiet weekend. We won't be seeing Jacks, as the Captain is so busy. But for me, it will be the field service this morning, the meeting tomorrow, and that, I hope will be it.  It is too HOT.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Captain of the Kitchen

"We will have to cancel Jacks tonight" I said to Captain B on Saturday.  I was in too much pain to to anything - beyond the necessary agony of getting myself to the loo and back. (And that was touch and go at times.)  "No. Why?" said the Captain, "You've cooked the chicken and got the salad in. I'll do it."

I had planned a cold menu - a sort of Coronation chicken - and I had cooked the chicken and made the curry mayonnaise. But I was also going to make a salad of Halloumi with mint and oranges, and some of these pickled vegetables TV cooks are very fond of at the moment.

The Captain hurtled off early to his Course, leaving me my breakfast which was all I wanted during the day - he stopped off at Kithurst on the way back for Butterfly purposes and then arrived back to find me still in bed, almost unable to move for pain. But he somehow managed to get everything sorted and a very nice supper served to him and Jacks.    I didn't emerge from my lair - too painful.

Anyway, it went well and they both seemed to enjoy themselves - or so Jackie said on the phone on Sunday.

I did not make it to the meeting - listened in  on the phone link.   But I plan to go out this morning with Jean and see if we can manage a few return visits at least.

Still covered in this awful itching rash... what is happening to me?

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Arthritis Flare - left hip

Very worrying and very painful, this flare-up.  No sleep at all last night for the pain. 

The Captain is not feeling wonderful either - his back is playing up.

Oh dear.

I rang Jean early and cancelled our field service together - and have emailed AM to apologise for no lift tomorrow.


Just call me Moaning Minnie.

We did see some of the Eclipse of the moon last night - but it was confusing as for the first time in ages there were clouds!   But we had a couple of small doses of rain yesterday - the fringes of thunderstorms - and it is much cooler. Thank God.

Thursday was HOT beyond belief - but I manage to get out on the work in the morning.  And I did make to the meeting in the afternoon.