Saturday, 26 November 2011

In which I become a Butterfly Bureaucrat

Jean and I were out on the door to door preaching work this morning. We covered our territory, without any response, and then did a couple of return visits.

Yesterday we (me and the Captain) met Linda in Cowfold and she handed over all her paperwork to me.  I am now a Butterfly Bureaucrat and must start to get to grips with all that the Membership Secretary has to do.

Its a bit of a puzzle at the moment.

Col has taken his wings off and put on his SUSSAR hat  and left early, with an extra large packed lunch, for a Mountain Bike Training day.

No I don't understand it either. All I know is there were four of them, I was asked to provide cakes, and made a batch of marmalade muffins for them all.

When we were in Expatland, I used to make a big tray of carrot cake to take on the dive boat.  I hardly bake these days.

Jackie gave us supper last night - an Italian dish, not lasagne, but the one without pasta whose name now escapes me - followed by hot mince pies.  We see her again Monday.

Today is grey with a coldish wind, and the Channel is blue grey outside the window - with long white waves curling and uncurling.

How did Jehovah create water?  It is so beautiful and powerful.   And when the earth is finally restored to Paradise and there are new things again, what amazing things will we see?

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