Tuesday, 28 July 2009

a medical bulletin

Ill health having disrupted my Brighton plans - I only got to Friday - I hope to get to the Twickenham Convention this weekend.

It is the best ever. I have the new releases - two new publications and a DVD, which the Captain has said he will watch with me. I see he has a picture of Joanna Lumley on his blog and has been gazing at it for most of the day, so I will somehow have to persuade him to tear his eyes away from her.

Had a lovely time out on the doors with Audrey this morning. We both managed two return visits and had a long conversation with Tony, who took a Divine Name brochure and seemed quite keen to read it. I had got it for the Irish lady who I haven't managed to find at home again, but have decided to offer her the 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?" instead, drawing her attention specifically to the chapter: "What is the truth about God?" which includes the question: "Does God have a name?"

IF I can find her at home. Audrey and I are hoping to get out in the afternoon next week, specifically to try to find her.

And i must remind myself to get some treats for the little puppy of the Latvian girl we met.

We are off to East Sussex tomorrow to spend the day with Bea and David. Raymond has postponed his visit till next week - he is still very busy trying to sort the house out for rental.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Driving to Brighton

I drive to Brighton tomorrow... the plan is that I pick up Jean at 6 a.m., then she mapreads me to Maggie, who will then mapread me to Brighton. My first time in a multi-storey carpark. Gulp. And if Sylvia makes it tomorrow I will give her a lift back.

Today was a long day, and I was feeling really shakey as I had been ill all night. Not sure what the matter is with me at the moment, but it is making things difficult. Anyway, the Captain is here tonight which is comforting. He was in Eastbourne yesterday - had a wonderful time at Bea's.

The new release was a DVD - which I hope the Captain and I will watch come Sunday night.

"The Wonders of Creation Reveal God's Glory"

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

From Corot to Monet

Last night at Jacks - I am on the 3 day detox I do before the Brighton Convention so couldn't eat any of the food or drink any of the wine. Have had a pounding headache off and on all day which hopefully means that it is working.
We went to the Corot to Monet Exhibition (see Captain Butterfly's blog). It was good.
Lots going on outside the National Gallery.
The new 'sculpture' - people standing on a podium - was in place. We saw a man playing a guitar and a lady having her lunch. Health and safety had imposed a big net round it which made it look rather unplinth like. They had also placed a hideous notice in the fountain - something about water possibly being dangerous. The glory is being taken out of everything.
I am going from thinking that George Orwell wouldn't be at all surprised if he came back now, to thinking that he would be saying that he hadn't realised the half of it!
When he does wake up from the sleep of death though, he will find himself in the restored earthly Paradise, not in the present system of things.
There was a guy with a megaphone telling all us crowds that we are living in the matrix and spelling out simply and clearly (and with a great deal of humour) how we are losing our liberties.
The police moved in on him quickly.
I very much wanted to have a word with him, but Col wouldn't let me - I suppose on the grounds that I might have got tasered or something, although things seemed calm enough.
Much of what he was saying was right, but its no use just saying it. You need to explain to people why, and tell them what God is going to do about it, and what He requires of us in the meantime.
And one thing Jehovah does require is that we obey the political and civil authorities. Although this has to be a relative obedience in that when their laws conflict with God's, God's law must come first.

Linda emailed and Dorothy rang from New Zealand.

The Thai branch of the family may be visiting next week, we are just waiting to hear from him.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Canadian Branch

Our visitors from the Canadian branch of the family have been and gone. We said goodbye at the roundabout, as they set off for Oxford and we set off for London and a lunch at a tapas bar with Pen.

We hope they will come again - and maybe we will even get over to Calgary to see them - although not unless my health improves.

Had a good morning out on the door to door preaching work with Jean. We are still distributing invitations to the Convention in Brighton next month. I can't say that we met with any marked enthusiasm. But one of my return visits did accept an Awake magazine along with his invitation and hopefully may accept another one next month. it is the magazine with a helpful and comforting article about Depression, which seems to be an increasing problem.

Jean did have an interesting chat - through the intercom thingy in a block of flats! - with a Catholic lady. She ended up taking an invite and saying she might come.

Its very difficult to work these flats with intercom doors. But it must be done.

Had a brief chat with Malcolm and Jackie about the blood issue of all things! And, happily, they appreciate the Witness refusal of blood transfusions as to them it makes medical sense.

Our refusal is not on medical grounds of course, but simply because Jehovah has forbidden the eating of blood, and has clearly set out in His word how it must be used.

Pen may have found a publisher for her thriller!

Does that make her Pen the Pen?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

a cottage in the town

Had a coffee morning with Dawn, Richard and Frances, at Dawn and Richard's lovely town centre cottage. We had home made lemon cake... wonderful. Plus Dawn gave me half the cake for our Canadian guests this evening. So our pudding will be home made lemon cake and custard.

The sea is stormy today, the windsurfers are out a'surfing, and we are waiting for our cousins, now on their way from the airport.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Driving lessons

Bea left on Saturday and we have been getting ready for the Canadian branch of the family who arrive tomorrow. We miss Bea, but talk every day, by net and phone.

Went out on the field service this morning - picked up Audrey - and did return visits, as we are still on the East Preston maps which mean too much walking for her.

We didn't find anybody in, but we did leave some invitations for the Brighton Convention. We left one with a husband, who looked a bit dubious, but hopefully will give it to her.

I phoned Maggie when I got back and she told me that she and Jean had the most wonderful morning. They are both suffering at the moment, Maggie from the loss of Don, her husband for 60 years, and Jean because her best friend in the congregation died very suddenly a few days ago. They said this morning was like a present from Jehovah and they came back floating on air.

They met a young Swiss girl who is really interested - talked for half an hour - and are to return next week. She is in the process of moving to the next town along the coast and wants a contact for the Witnesses there.

My own morning wasn't quite like that, as I was feeling very sick for some reason, and we had a lot of complicated driving to do - a lot of backing and filling and some difficult turns. However, I did pray to Jehovah as always, and we got through them safely, so I am deeply grateful for that. And we can only hope that something was achieved by our work this morning.

If it was only to improve my driving that is something, in that the more I can drive, the more use I shall be in the congregation.

The Captain and I are just off to shop for the visitors. I think chicken and ham salad will be the staple foods of the visit.

Dawn has invited me for coffee tomorrow morning and Frances is picking me up as I don't know where she and Richard live. It will be lovely to spend an hour with my brothers and sisters. The cousins don't arrive till the afternoon so it all fits in well, provided we get everything sorted today.

Friday, 10 July 2009

a busy day - and the creation speaks of its Grand Creator

A busy day yesterday. We all went to Cissbury Ring with the Captain, following the butterfly herds. It turned out to be a perfect butterfly morning, sunny, vast flocks of wild flowers, and the air thick with butterflies.

When I see all these miracles of artistry and engineering flying round me, I wonder how I ever believed in evolution. But I suppose we are so brainwashed by the idea that evolution has been 'proved' by minds far far superior to our own that we ignore what the creation is so clearly saying to us.

It does get through though. It was the beauty of a late Autumn afternoon in Sheffield that finally set me on the search for the Creator of it all so that I could thank Him.

There were horned cattle on the hillside, which reminded me rather disturbingly of the Saki story 'The music on the hill'. (And also reminded me that Paradise is not restored yet - the 'original serpent' is still in the garden.)

Lunched at home on tinned soup courtesy of Liddls - shopped in the afternoon and also visited East Beach.

Bea came with me to the Kingdom Hall! It was nice to have someone to go with.

Maggie saved us a couple of seats. The new Thursday night meeting arrangements work so well. The time flies by.

Bea may leave tomorrow or Monday.

We are all going to a concert in Chichester tonight, and Jackie is coming round here first for a supper. Which will be pates from Bairds, some cheese, hot bread, salad and stuffed eggs. And nibbles.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

anniversaries and exhibitions

Bea arrived yesterday and we all celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary round at Jackie's with champagne and chicken pie from Bairds Farm Shop. A lovely evening. It monsooned off and on all day and our green is starting to revive.

We went to the RA Summer Exhibition with Bea and Jacks today. It was fun.

I loved the Elizabeth Blackadders and the Mary Feddens, but my especial overall favourite is

oil, Maurice Sheppard

That would be the one I would have taken home had they let me choose. It had already sold, and was £995, which is very reasonable for a Summer Exhib picture.

Now we are safely back home and settling down after a fish and chip supper.

Monday, 6 July 2009

medical matters

To Worthing today for my routine Arthritis visit - all seems OK - and she is writing to the Lung Lady about the upping of my medication, as it may be that that caused the original lung damage.

Housework afternoon - cleaned out fridge, washed all cleaning cloths and did some general cleaning.

We walked by the sea in the evening.

I also did an urgent bit of Writers Group work - went through a Novella for Nute - it has to go off in 2 days. I picked on a few typos, one inconsistency, and one thing that will have to be changed. But otherwise it is fine. Very fast paced.

On the work with Audrey tomorrow, all being well. We are going to do return visits, not first calls, but also deliver invitations to our returns.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

a quiet sunday and a long tennis match

Sat with Maggie at the Hall this morning. We sang two of Don's favourite songs which was a bit much for her, but she got through it. Than a lazy afternoon in front of the Wimbledon final. Amazing match and sad that one of them had to lose. At one point it looked like they might still be playing at midnight, whereupon they might have called it a draw.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

another coffee morning, garden sculpture and the end of the world

Another sunny day here - loads of people still on the beach and the green outside.

Drove up to Esther's for the field service this morning. Another first, I haven't driven there before. Jean bravely volunteered to work with me and off we went. Parked on the territory no problem.

We are distributing invitations to the July Convention in Brighton, the theme of which is: "HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD?" They are being held worldwide.

We met up with a lady who is too sick to leave home but who would like us to call back and talk to her about the subject of the Convention.

And we ended up having tea (Earl Grey at that!) in a beautiful garden, admiring the garden sculptures of the art teacher who lived there.

We also called on a lovely Italian couple who sell organic fruit and vegetables from his allotment. Jean bought gooseberries, beetroot and chard, and I bought potatoes and courgettes, which will become a veggie stew tomorrow. Daphne and her partner who were working alongside us also stocked up.

They accepted an invitation from us.

The Captain and I will probably go there again. He had a lovely day out, butterflying - see his blog.

We have a quiet night in ahead of us which is wonderful, and I now need to go and make his packed lunch for tomorrow.

Friday, 3 July 2009

a coffee morning

A quiet day which was welcome. Cooler too. Apparently there was a short thunderless storm in the night. Maggie, Judy and Audrey came for coffee - and Maggie had got me a name badge for the upcoming convention, and had brought over half her invitations in case I hadn't managed to pick mine up after the meeting.

Which is so thoughtful given what she is going through losing Don.

I have started on my Sheet and Towel marathon so they all ready for the next guest - Bea who arrives next week. Jackie has invited us all round for dinner on the Tuesday night.

I have just watched Supernanny - deeply depressing, although the nanny did a super job (of course).

Thursday, 2 July 2009

the migratory paths

Roger takes flight today, but his pattern of migration has changed and he is heading back to the North Americas. He won't make landfall in Africa until much later in the year.

We went to Petworth House yesterday - it was roasting hot so we only saw a little of the grounds, but had lunch there, went on a talk/tour of the Counting House - amazing and very well ordered. It is all in the process of being restored. Immense amounts of cash came in on the Quarter Days when all the tenant farmers came to pay their rent, and the amount of safety precautions suggest that the Earl did not trust them one bit.

We have not been able to trust each other since that moment in Eden when Adam and Eve made their fatal decision to cut themselves (and us, their future children) off from their Creator, their source of life.

Hopefully Roger will be back in the Autumn migration.