Tuesday, 1 November 2011

An Autumn Day in Retirement

Sep 25
Here is a toadstool/mushroom to celebrate the season.  It could be an inkcap, but it is in fact a parasol mushroom (Captain Butterfly has just looked it up for me).

It has been a lovely Autumn day here - Captain B roving the woods - and me at the Kingdom Hall.  After I had given Audrey a lift back, I drove back along the seafront,  The Channel was a pale clear turquoise, the tide was high, and there were little yachts regattaing about.

Our brother from Bethel HQ gave the public talk today - all about our Christian identity.   It was a good reminder never to take "the way of the truth" for granted.

We talked to Jackie, back from the North.  She really enjoyed her tour of York and loved Keith and Janet's house.   We hope to see her before she sets off on her travels again.

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