Thursday, 1 December 2011

Consolingly disasterous

"...Still the sea,
 Consolingly disastrous, will return
 While the strange starfish, hugely magnified,
 Waits in the jewelled basin of a pool."
(John Betjeman)

We have no rockpools. It isn't that sort of beach.   But the consolingly disastrous (and very stormy) sea had swept the beach clean as it always does, and had washed up all sort of shells and seaweeds along with this lobster pot.  The beach was pretty empty this morning with a bright blue sky overhead and rain in the distance.

Its raining now - and we were rained off the work after three quarters of an hour.  I was out with a young pioneer sister.   Audrey and I have had a phone chat and plan to work together Tuesday morning, as usual.

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