Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Captain Butterfly's Dream

The Willow Pond
Oct 24
"Last night I dreamt that I disturbed a Clouded Yellow" said Captain B striding off hopefully into what was left of the summer meadow at Brandy Hole Copse.

Sadly the dream didn't come true.  All we saw was a large bumble bee, a wasp, a green woodpecker (briefly), two dog walkers and a jogger.   Lovely to be out there though, on a perfect Autumn Monday morning, when we have spent so many of our Monday mornings cooped up in offices.    The wind is strong, the Channel is roaring, and now the sky is clouding over.  There is supposed to be torrential rain down in the West country.
We had a sandwich lunch on the bench by the pool. 

Yesterday was a quiet day - just the meeting in the morning.   Audrey and i are off on the field service tomorrow morning.

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