Friday, 1 October 2010

Maurice and the Seagull

I hope Maurice has remained unSeagulled (unlike my car).  Its raining today and I don't think we will be on the beach.  I am taking Audrey shopping and then we hope to do a call that we didn't manage on Tuesday.  Its very difficult to park at this lady's house - especially for someone like me who can't do things backwards.

Saw my arthritis doctor on Wednesday and I am to remain off my medicine for the moment but am free to make an emergency call to the Arthritis doctor for a steroid injection if necessary.
I was tempted yesterday.

The weather has changed with the Autumn Equinox - and the leaves have noticeably started to turn.  Its very grey and rainy this morning.  There are white horses on the Channel - quite big waves building up, and our balcony flowers are blowing in the wind.

Captain Butterfly is twitching at the thought of the Butterflyless months ahead.

Wonderful wonderful meeting last night.  I must learn to teach better, to reach people better, and to truly cultivate the fruitage of the spirit.  I feel so grateful to the God of Abraham.

Pen is coming to stay next week!

I will shout a 'Good morning' and 'Good evening' to Maurice the Mussel from our balcony to assure him of my continuing goodwill - and then, who knows ? 

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