Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Maurice the Mussel

Leg and back very bad today - complain, moan, grizzle - but managed an hour with Audrey on the doors - and we did find quite a few people in, plus a little interest.  The gentleman we got out of his bath a few weeks ago said that he would like me to call round with the October magazines, so we shall see.

Haven't done much else - arthritis - but we did walk on the beach and watch the sun setting.  A quiet sunset tonight as the West was very cloudy - but all with a reassuring calm beauty.

I am wondering about finding out whether or not it is possible to be friends with a mussel and plan to adopt one on the beach - and say a polite 'Good morning', 'Good evening', as we walk by it and see what happens.

Col says it will get eaten by a seagull and I will have my heart broken (which I think translates as 'Get a life!').

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