Saturday, 2 October 2010

On the road again

Out with Jean this morning - near our long long road. We got some very definite rejections - people often knew who we were before we even spoke.  But Jean had one good call. And then we had some good return visits.  I found the shaving guy - it has taken me nearly a year to find him at home again!  He said he was just about to get into the shower this time.   Anyway, he and the lady a few doors down were lovely and friendly and both said I could deliver the magazines every month.

There is a wealth of Bible based information in them.

I dropped Jean off and then the rain started.  

Felt very tired and fell asleep.

Can't remember what we did yesterday - which is rather worrying, though I did email Bob and Robert on Biblical matters - and same same for Wit today - which all took a while.  But I probably slept a lot because of the pain from the arthritis.

I tried to Skype Anne on The Cape but could not get through, and Bea phoned. She offered us her and Brian's National Trust publications.

Nute arrives tomorrow.  And Pen the day after.

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