Thursday, 21 October 2010

Its a Right Hand Turn,,,

...not a roundabout!   Captain B solved the puzzle for me by googling Google Earth and showed me exactly what it was.  I have driven along that road the other way with no problem, but my Aspergeriness had obviously clicked in again and a connection failed to be made between the two halves of the road.  Anyway, its all connected up now.

Audrey and I did the rest of my October magazine route yesterday.   I  found three people in, and the guy I usually get out of the shower said he would like me to deliver the magazines every month.   I had to stop myself saying: Fine, but in that case I want you to move somewhere where the parking is easier.  

Col was off on a Butterfly Work Detail all day - with a sandwich lunch - so I had some crisps and an ice lolly, did my studying and took myself off for a swim.

We had a great meeting at the Kingdom Hall tonight - although I am not enjoying having to drive there and back in the dark.  However, the years go racing by and it will probably be Spring again before I know it.

Someone is shortening these years.  They just don't last the way they used to.

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