Thursday, 14 October 2010

Driving Miss Maggie

We went to some of Maggie's magazine route calls - found quite a few in and had some good conversations. We then went off down by the station to try and find some of my Not At Homes.  Not a one at home...  But we met up with a group of our siblings working on the doors down there, which was lovely.

Lots of Big Boy Grown Up Driving to do - plus a visit to the Big Sainsburys - with the Big Carpark - so I came back exhausted.  But happy.   Put the chicken in marinade for tomorrow, made the crumble from the blackberries we picked - a successful one according to Captain B, but a little too sweet.

Shouted crossly at the Captain (because I was tired and cranky) - but did apologise and made him an extra nice tea.    But talk about not practising what you preach...

Am having an interesting chat with Ari, an internet friend.  He wrote to say how he dislikes this time of year with all the Halloween stuff.  So I sent him this:

The book The Worship of the Dead points to this origin for Halloween:

“The mythologies of all the ancient nations are interwoven with the events of the Deluge . . . The force of this argument is illustrated by the fact of the observance of a great festival of the dead in commemoration of the event, not only by nations more or less in communication with each other, but by others widely separated, both by the ocean and by centuries of time. This festival is, moreover, held by all on or about the very day on which, according to the Mosaic account, the Deluge took place, viz., the seventeenth day of the second month—the month nearly corresponding with our November.” (London, 1904, Colonel J. Garnier, p. 4)

Thus these celebrations actually began with an honoring of people whom God had destroyed because of their badness in Noah’s day.—Gen. 6:5-7; 7:11.

Personally, my decision is to leave it well alone.

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