Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Comet at Yell'ham

I said I would put another Hardy poem in my blog for Pat.  And here it is:

The Comet at Yell'ham   by Thomas Hardy

It bends far over Yell'ham Plain,
And we, from Yell'ham Height,
Stand and regard its fiery train,
So soon to swim from sight.


It will return long years hence, when
As now its strange swift shine
Will fall on Yell'ham; but not then
On that sweet form of thine.

I think this particular comet - can't remember its name - has been back since - although, as the poet tells us, not in the lifetime of the two watchers here.   Our lives are so short now.  Over before we know it.

It seems the comet was much brighter when they saw it - with a more distinct tail, or train.  Perhaps it was a little nearer the earth then?

Will Pat and I be here to see it next time around?

I hope so.  I hope we will both see it many many times.

Captain Butterfly who had his Metal Detecting head on this morning is fast asleep in the armchair.  He looks exhausted.  I am probably going to sleep too.  I was at the meeting at the KHall this morning - as wonderful as ever.  It looks like I will be going out on the doors with three of my sisters this week, Audrey, Jean and Maggie. 

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