Thursday, 7 October 2010

Two landmarks

Two seasonal landmarks today.

Autumnwatch started.  I saw the end of it when I got back from the meeting.  The starlings were lovely, as were the otters, but I wish they didn't feel the need to dumb everything down. It ends up being rather like an irritating and loud children's programme.

The second landmark was that I had to drive to the meeting with my lights on tonight.  Winter feels very close when that happens.

What a wonderful meeting it was though - the teaching gets better and better.  When Jesus was on earth, the crowds were astonished by his way of teaching.  Its the same now.

(by me - many years ago - when my parents were alive - they were great bird feeders - and they too loved the beauty and the glory of the world)

Leaves so lately green lie on greener grass
On mossy stones the squirrels pass
To deeper shades of grey and green
Into woods where Winter waits
And breathing nearer shakes the trees
Now we start to feed the birds
The squirrel wears her Winter furs.

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