Tuesday, 5 October 2010

John Clare on October

Once again, this is from 'The Shepherd's Calendar'.

John Clare notes all the details of October.  For example:
"The mushroom buttons each moist morning brings
 Like spots of snow in the green tawney rings."

And then he goes beautifully to the bigger picture:

"Like to a painted map the landscape lies
And wild above shine the cloud thronged skies
The flying clouds urged on in swiftest pace
Like living things as if they runned a race
The winds that oer each coming tempest broods
Waking like spirits in their startling moods
Fluttering the sear leaves on the blackning lea
That litters under every fading tree."

The leaves are lying underfoot now - littering under every fading tree.  And how lovely they are.

The four of us went to Brighton for 'An evening with Fay Weldon' last night.   She is a remarkable woman with a wonderful smile.  And we went swimming today - first time for ages.

Fish and chips tonight, with a nectarine crumble which I must just go and get out of the oven.

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