Monday, 11 October 2010

The Admiral and the Wasp

We were back at Brandy Hole on another perfect Autumn afternoon - cloudless blue sky - Autumn colours - lovely to be able to spend a Monday afternoon together - one of the many joys of retirement.

We were looking for a... Duke of Fritillary (all purpose name for a hard to find butterfly - an orange one in this case)... but didn't find it. However I spotted a Speckled Wood and then a pristine new Red Admiral.  It was feeding on the flowers of the ivy, along with a whole load of wasps/bees, which kept bothering it.

I think they thought the Admiral was a flower and would try to keep landing on him.  He would get rid of them with an irritable shake of the wings.

We swam this morning.   Jacks is back - hurray! - and she may join us as we re-establish the swimming routine.

And I heard from Ari - an email friend from New York.  

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