Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Field

We blackberried this afternoon - at what I shall have to call The Field (Craggy Island style) as I don't know what it is called.   We took a big manly tupperware container and a little girly one.  The Captain soon had the big container filled and then took over the small girly one and filled that too.  I was very hampered by the spiders webs which were everywhere, protecting the berries.
Apparently its the courting season for spiders, and they are all over the place, scurrying about with little boxes of choccies tucked under their arms and bearing bouquets and charming smiles. And then getting eaten for their trouble, poor things.
Which reminds me that, as we haven't been on the beach, I haven't been able to continue my campaign to get to know Maurice the Mussel.  He strikes me as quite a ladies man though, so he might be off doing some courting of his own.
June and I were out on the door to door work this morning.  It was sunny but cold with a touch of ice in the air.
Winter is on its way.

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