Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Reflections in October

We were at Ferring Rife this afternoon.  It was cloudy, a bit windy, a good walking day really.  We picked two tupperware boxes of blackberries and I must make them into a crumble.  We swam in the morning - in the local swimming pool, not the Rife!  Although we were accosted by a very friendly dog who had been in the Rife, or somewhere like it and he shook muddy water over us with loving enthusiasm.
We also went to Worthing to pick up Wine kits.  Plus I posted a  letter to Jo thanking her for the photo of the young us on honeymoon, and letters to Kathryn and to Margaret (enclosing the invitation from Pen).
My own reflections in October...  I found myself thinking about the Paradise earth ahead and imagining Autumns then.  Adam probably first opened his eyes in an Autumn garden - in the Garden of Eden, the most beautiful garden ever planted,  He was in Paradise.

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