Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The inexplicable roundabout

To my horror when the maps were given out at the group today I found that I was going to have to drive to the territory via the terrifying roundabout/road combined thing that I can't understand.   I can't see how it works and where the cars will be coming from.   I got across it somehow, but chickened out coming back and drove round the houses.   Sheila and I had a lovely morning out though.  She is wonderful on the doors and I was trying to listen and learn.  But she has a very warm personality which, alas, I do not.   She also rescued me from a spider that had got into the car - she got it out efficiently and gently with a tissue and it scuttled off about its business unharmed.
I joined the family at Helen's for coffee afterwards - haven't managed to do that for ages.
Captain B was butterflying and we shopped when we got back.
Audrey and I go out first thing tomorrow morning to finish my magazine route.

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