Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lost dogs

Nute, Pen and I were coming back from our seaside walk last night when we noticed a dog on the green. He was big and black and young and collarless.  It was Nute who noticed the way he was behaving.  He was obviously looking for his person, rushing up full of hope to this person and that, and having his hopes dashed every time.  We were looking round for his owner but couldn't see anyone.
I was beginning to imagine us trying to wrestle a collarless dog back to the flat, getting him some water - and wondering if we had enough cold chicken left to feed him, when we found his owner!  A really nice guy who thanked us for looking out for his dog.
Well I can only hope that if Maurice the Mussel was found wandering disconsolately on the green someone would do the same for him.  ("With some vinegar and a packet of chips, mmm yummy" said Captain Butterfly.)
The siblings left today, we have just taken them to the Station.  Its always melancholy saying goodbye to family, but at least I have plenty to do - all the washing and my studies for a start.  And it was very nice to see them.  We had a good chat about old times and new.   And we took ourselves off for coffee at The Rusty Hulk this morning.
We went swimming yesterday - so hopefully our swim routine is now reinstated.

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