Saturday, 9 October 2010

Into darkest Surrey

Over the border and into Surrey yesterday to visit Linda and Catherine.  It was such a lovely day - the perfection of Autumn. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the saturated reds and yellows and golds of Autumn were everywhere.   None of the horrors of the last 6,000 years of being cut off from our Creator have been able to stop us seeing the original Paradise.

Catherine was talking about her travels and the experience of looking up into the night sky from the darkness of the jungle.  She said that it did make her wonder - think that there must be Something or Someone. 

I can only hope she will hold that thought and cling to it and try to find that Someone.  I did.  And I get more grateful that i did every single day.

We walked through the park to Richard's flat, which allowed the Captain to get some photos for his blog.

A nice day out - and great to see Linda and Catherine again.  When the mothers were alive, we (the cousins)  used to meet up regularly and naturally at their houses, but now we all have to make more of an effort.

Felt exhausted by the end of the day though - I have so little energy now.

Jean and I were out on the door to door work this morning - visiting our Not at Homes from last week.  We found a lot at home.  They mainly knew exactly who we were and did not want to talk. But we found one young man who was very nice to us and who talked to us for a bit and took the November magazines.

A letter from Jo was waiting for us when we got back yesterday, enclosing a photo that Paul took of the young Captain and Mrs.Butterfly on their honeymoon, in the Lake District, all those years ago.

I might ask if I can have it on the blog.  Although it is quite melancholy to look at old photos sometimes.

A quiet afternoon and evening now lies ahead I hope, so I can re-charge my batteries for tomorrow.  I have the meeting at the Kingdom Hall in the morning, Col has his metal detecting trip, then we both fly off to the Butterfly AGM after a hasty lunch.

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