Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A blackberry afternoon

Another lovely day yesterday. Audrey and I were out on the work in the morning. We did some of her route calls, which involved a lot of complicated driving (for me, probably not for anyone else), into a small village, and out again.  So many roads round here were not made for cars.  I found a gentleman I had been looking for for some time.  When I first talked to him he had just lost his wife, and we have had a couple of brief conversations since them.  He has been away staying with family, and I said i would call back in the Autumn. However, he does not want to talk to me any more.
Col and I went out to wander round an enormous field that has miraculously survived, so far, all the pressures for development on the South Coast.   Sadly, it looks like we may finally lose it now, in the middle of a housing recession.  People are obviously fighting to keep it as a field.   I don't know what could be more valuable down here, as we are all getting so crowded together.   There were some lovely blackberries we were picking and eating and, if we can find a moment, we will return with some containers this afternoon and have blackberry crumble for tea.

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