Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Windows are Open

The lounge windows are open - brrrr - its a cold evening - in case the lost Timothy should turn up again. Though I think if he has not found sanctuary by now he will not have made it.   I had plans for a superb cage, plus lots of out-time  - and perhaps a trip down the pet shop to buy a Dawn for him?

Still feel very down and depressed.  I suppose its natural and will go in time.  Hope so anyway.   I talked to Audrey, Maggie, Carol and Tamar today and got news of a brother and sister who are also in hospital - both, hopefully, to be released this week.  I feel bad I can't do any visiting, but my one tiny outing today to the library exhausted me - and caused me to have to take another painkiller.

It has been a grey and rainy day. Col only managed to get out for a couple of hours in the afternoon and wasn't able to do any photography.  Think: Bear with sore head.    I lay on the sofa a lot, reading my library books, and also made the rhubarb and apples from the Farm Shop into a crumble.  Oh and did make a small start on tackling Paperwork Mountain.

And I managed to get a  letter done to Vera - also housebound.

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