Saturday, 22 March 2014

The March Wind Doth Blow

Primroses, Primula vulgaris
Spring has officially begun. Sunny but cold here, and apparently there has been some snow somewhere. We seem to have had a brief and very localised shower of rain too yesterday in that the front windows of the flat had rain on them and the back windows didn't.

The Captain was out all day and has bought me back some pictures of Spring flowers.

Now David is in hospital!  He has had a fall and has broken some ribs...  What next?  I spoke to Carol yesterday. She says he is doing better and is able to eat now.

This present world system is so uncertain. We do not know from day to day what will happen.

Our Watchtower study this week is about making wise choices in our youth.    And it reminds me that I did not begin to search seriously for my Creator until I was getting on for forty.   One thing that impelled me was the realisation that my life was half over - and was there any meaning to it all.  I felt I needed to know.  Is this all the time we get to spend with the people we love?   But the other thing was the beauty and glory of the world.   It told me, as clearly as if it had spoken, of its Grand Creator.

"The heavens are declaring the glory of God; And of the work of his hands the expanse is telling."

Yes. And every spring flower a miracle.

In the nearly 30 years since I sought for Jehovah and He let me find Him, I don't think there has been one single moment that I have thought something like:  Well, I am glad to know the truth, but I am glad to have had all those years doing just as I pleased.   But what I have thought, and do think more and more as I learn more and more, is that I wish I had listened sooner.

How much happier I could have made the people I love. And how much happier I would have been.

What I do realise though and appreciate is how many good Bible principles our parents did teach us.

There was a brief and violent hailstorm at about 7.30 this morning!

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