Friday, 14 March 2014

Being Unstapled and Coming Unhinged

I am up in the wee small hours...  the hospital visit yesterday exhausted me and my knee woke me up.  However I am now unstapled.   "Taking these staples out is quite painless... not like stitches... wrench wrench wrench... how many has he put in!... yes, quite painless... oh, the skin seems to have grown round these... wrench wrench wrench.... let me just mop up this blood with some..."  "Disinfectant?" I suggested, trying to be helpful.  "Antiseptic" she said sternly.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.  But they are out, which is a great relief. And, best of all, my good-looking surgeon is happy with the way everything is going, including the amount of bend in my knee - ouch ouch ouch.

Its a good thing I have a lovely husband of my own in the Captain, or I fear I would have developed quite a crush on the young surgeon and would constantly be hovering round his clinics trying to mother him and knit him patterned sweaters.  

Carol and David called by in the morning with cards and flowers and stopped for a chat, which was a lovely surprise.  They bought daffodils, narcissi, which brought spring into the room.   The cyclamen they brought me last time is still flowering.

I attended the meeting by phone last night, feeling so exhausted I was worried i would fall asleep while listening.  But I didn't. It was all much too interesting.  Though at one point I thought the hospital outing had unsettled me more drastically than I thought as during the book study, I could not follow the reader at all. What is wrong with me, I panicked.  But suddenly the brother conducting stopped the reader, sounding equally panicked, asking him where we were.  It turned out he had turned over two pages at once!

Very misty yesterday - a fret came off the sea getting stronger as the day wore on. The Captain was off on his rescue training - a long drive in the dark and fog - and Jackie and I begged him not to go, or to turn back if it got worse.   He did go, but came back after about half an hour.

So glad he did.  A brief look at the news tells me that a helicopter came down in the fog in Norfolk killing 4 people.

And there is still no news of the missing Malaysian airliner!   It is like something out of a James Bond film. We can only hope that somehow, somewhere, passengers and crew are safe.  But it is a very faint hope.

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