Thursday, 20 March 2014


I have had an achievement or two, though bedevilled by this awful cramp which seem to be putting  my whole body into fight or flight mode.  And I can't flight or fight at the moment.   I restocked the freezer with muffins for the packed lunches as the Butterfly Season is now launched, and I got my expenses done and posted, as Audrey (butterfly Audrey, not my sister Audrey) had requested - end of financial year stuff.  And I got my studying for the day done - and began reading the book about the women who climbed K2 (and mostly died there).  Penny posted it to me, just as I finished the last of my post-op books. It has been interesting reading the chapter on Alison Hargreaves as I have just read her biography "Regions of the Heart".   What an exceptional climber she was.  And how tragically nearly she came back from K2.  She- they - were caught at the top in a violent storm and were simply blown off the mountain.

I know she should not have been up there - any more than any of them should - but I hope so much that she (and all of them) are safe in Jehovah's memory and have a wonderful awakening when the time comes.  He understands more than anyone why we do what we should not.

The book is "Savage Summits, The Life and Death of the First Women of K2" by Jennifer Jordan.  Its a compelling read.

Its still pretty sunny, but cold.  Lots of get well cards have arrived, which always helps.  The cramp is easing off slightly, but its a painful business this knee replacement.  Diane, the young physio came yesterday and she is pleased with my progress, which is encouraging.   From today I am allowed a tiny walk - just out the front door of the flats to the next front door, and back.  Heady stuff!

There has apparently been a possible sighting of debris from the missing Malaysian airliner, so the families are still in  a state of terrible suspense.

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