Friday, 28 March 2014

The First Bluebell?

The Captain rang me this afternoon to say he has seen his first bluebell of the year - and I asked him to bring a photo back.   Maybe I will be able to do, if not a bluebell walk, a bluebell hobble this Spring.

A day of doing nothing, though I did manage a tiny bit of spring cleaning and got some of my Devonware washed.  And provided meals.  And studying.  But this tiredness and depression is making everything difficult.

Its surprisingly cold and has been rather grey and rainy.

Still no news of the missing Malaysian plane. Each apparent breakthrough seems to come to nothing. And so the families must go on hoping - against hope.

I am re-reading Lorna Sage's wonderful "Bad Blood" and must review it at some stage.

She remembers so clearly what school was like, for example.  And makes me wonder again, whoever thought it would be a good idea to jam small children together in large peer groups?

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