Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Hoopoe

Hoopoe, Upupa epops
The Captain went out to find a visiting hoopoe today - and that too catapulted me back to our days in Arabia. They used to come to feed on the fallen dates. They were very bold birds there - Shadow and I used to just about trip over them on our walks.    As for the Indian mynah birds - what wonderful parents they were. When there was a baby down, Shadow and I had to run for it, or have our hair painfully parted.

Wonderful phone call from Hazel today. She is one of my sisters who had her first (and hopefully only) knee replacement operation just after I had my first one.   It was so reassuring to hear her experience. She too had strange vivid dreams.  She also became convinced that she had been moved to a different ward.  And she also had hysterics after the op. In her case she was telling the nurses that she wanted to go home - she had changed her mind and didn't want the operation. And they were trying to convince her that she had already had it.

Neither of us got the pain pump on our knee, post op - due to our other medical problems - and I think that makes quite a difference.

She wondered how I could have gone through it twice.  I said only with Jehovah's help.  We both agreed that we never ever want to be in hospital again, unless our husbands can be there with us.  Oh and she also said that she was very depressed after the operation, and cried a lot.  Which comforted me, as I am going through much the same, so I can hope that it will wear off as time goes by, as it has for her.  She says that now she can go out and about again she has cheered up no end.

I am a real homebody, but hopefully that will work for me.

The conversation seemed to energise me and I did 3 loads of washing, scrubbed my bathroom out and did the kitchen floor as well.  Plus provided sandwiches, and a supper (of salmon, salad and new potatoes).

I rang Frances and asked if she would put my hours in for me tomorrow.  So it was nice to have a talk to her too. And of course Audrey and I had our usual chat.

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