Monday, 10 March 2014

Post Hospital Dreams

I may have overdosed on climbing literature as last night I dreamt that my bad leg was a mountaineer in trouble high on Everest and I had to save it.  We were trying to get it/him into a house. It was very painful, but I began to wonder if there could be a house in the death zone on Everest.  I was sure there couldn't but wasn't able work out why.  Then I woke up - 1.30 in the morning - had a cup of tea - and internetted for a while to try and get my sanity back. And let the leg calm down from its mountaintop ordeal.

The Captain's log contains the first courting couple of Spring.  Youth!   Its almost painful heading into spring when you know that you are facing your winter years.

Still, as all us old crocks say, we would only go back there knowing then what we know now.   And that of course is what I hope the Captain and me will do - and all of you - through the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Its Jehovah's promise to us.  Only it will be a restoration to a youth we never knew.  We, the children of Adam, are dying from the moment we are born.  But from the moment after Armageddon - or from the moment of our resurrection into the restored earthly Paradise - we will be returning to life and perfection.

We don't actually know what it is to be alive - not to be dying. But remembering, dimly, some of the bounce and energy of youth, I know it will be more wonderful than we can imagine.

The Ransom will be memorialised in your local Kingdom Hall next month and I will be blogging an invitation.

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