Sunday, 9 March 2014

Men and Angels

An interesting point from the Watchtower study today - which I attended by phone.  The Inspired Scriptures tell us that when Jehovah created the angels, he created each one individually. But when it came to man, Jehovah told Adam and Eve to bear children, to fill the earth. He delegated the job to his creation. And what a wonderful work it could and should have been - bringing nothing but joy - if Adam and Eve had not chosen to cut themselves off from their Creator by setting their own moral standards.

We also touched again on what happened at Babel.  Had Jehovah not confused the languages then and scattered mankind over the surface of the earth, we would have brought the earth to ruin before the Messiah even arrived.    

What I have I achieved this sunny day?   I did put away the washing and arranged a curry tea for us.   Arranged, rather than "cooked", though I did do the rice.   Listened in to the meeting - the public talk was about the earth being made for us to live on forever.  The speaker talked about the immense recuperative and regenerative powers the earth has - the care and complexity that went into its making.

Apparently there have been some photos of the earth published as seen by the Explorer on Mars.  It appears as the bright evening star - a jewel in space.

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