Thursday, 13 March 2014

Being Unstapled

"I think I'll have that general anaesthetic now"  I quavered as my young surgeon's rather old-school nurse approached with the fearsome medical staple remover.    "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch."

That was last time, and hopefully, by this time tomorrow the next lot will be out. And I hope he is going to say that the wound is healing nicely.  If not, I suppose I will be re-bandaged and on antibiotics.   And I finish my blood thinner injections tomorrow, thank goodness. Captain Butterfly has been valiant in administering them night and morning, but his approach is a bit alarming - the Psycho gestures and music.

Its a misty sunny morning here and the valiant dog walkers are out on the Green.  How Shadow the golden retriever would have loved this flat.

I can't think what I did yesterday, beyond chat to Bea and Audrey on the phone.    I felt really ill - hopefully just because my arthritis had flared up, and so tired I didn't know what to do with myself.  Captain B got us our supper when he came in from his day's ecologising.  Pork pie from the pork shop with salad (undressed) from the fridge.  He also bought back some strawberries and cinammon ice-cream!

I am back studying at least.  I haven't been able to concentrate until  now - I could read over things, but not study them.     And I did sort out all my medical appointments.  I hope to do a bit of something today. I slept the night through, for the second time since the operation, and that has to help.

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