Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Another Knew Knee

We got back from the hospital last night - both of us exhausted.  Me from the pain - and the whole thing - and Himself from the constant hospital visiting plus having put in a hard morning's conservation work.    Hard to know where to start with describing the experience.

Some glimpses.  The lady in the opposite bed - Maggie.   In her eighties I think and undergoing hip replacement. She was like a little ballerina.  An enchanting lady.  One of those people who seem to have stayed closer to the original perfect state than most of us do.  She had a dazzling smile - I could imagine her as a darling little girl. She was very kind and  helpful and whirled round the ward like a tiny tornado picking things up for us with her grabber stick  - and constantly being in told off by the physios for going too fast and doing too much.

That is the only glimpse I can manage today.   We are now going to tackle the shower. I simply wasn't able to last night, though it was the first thing I did after the last operation.

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