Monday, 24 March 2014

The Lost Timothy

A sad thing last night. The sun was setting over the sea and we hadn't yet drawn the curtains - no windows open though unfortunately.  It had been a cold day - the Captain reported seeing slush piled on the roadside, when he was out with the Treasure Hunters.  Suddenly a fluffy little orange bird appeared at the window trying to get in!

We rushed over. Well Col did. I zimmered across and arrived there the next morning.   We opened all the windows - brrr- kept the lounge lights on, shutting the door so we could contain it if it came in.  I mentally processed that I had a few containers of various seeds we could feed it with.  But it never came back. The Captain went downstairs to search, but nothing. We hope it found shelter somewhere as it was a very cold night.  I did ask Jehovah that it would.   He has told us that "not a sparrow falls", so I know He is aware of it and its plight. And that he cares.

I even thought of a name for it during the night.   Tim.  It was so brightly coloured that it was probably a chap.   And we had just been watching The Office - trying to cheer me up. We watched the last of series 2. The sad ending. and then watched the Specials, so we could see the happy ending.

Everything fictional should have a happy ending.  There are so many sad endings in real life.

I did get all my magazines with the Memorial invitations ready to go.  They should go in the post box today, courtesy of the gallant Captain.  It is on the 14th April, after sunset - at a Kingdom Hall near you. And will be held all over the world, on the day of the Passover, Nisan 14.  That was the day on which Jesus died.

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