Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Special Skill

A forgotten Special Skill has returned to me (from my last post-operation days).   Its the art of getting my undies on (and off) by using my crutches, or rather one of them.   But I have already sailed past that and am now getting dressed with no artificial aids or special skills.  Nor has Captain B ever had to make and leave a cold lunch for me this time. In fact, I am already making him his packed lunches and am hoping to make a new batch of cakes this afternoon.

However, the pain seems worse - especially at night.  It got me up twice last night - this time without any side trips to the top of Everest.

What a strange business about the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner. Why can't they find it, or some trace of it?  And IF the rumours are true that some of the passengers cellphones are still ringing, does that mean it has not gone down in the ocean?  If so, it makes it doubly urgent to find it in case there are survivors.  Cruel for the families.  I know if someone I loved had been on board I would be desperately hoping, against all the odds.   Perhaps its better to have that hope for a while though.   And there must be a glimmer of hope if the phones are really ringing somewhere.

A busy day in my terms.  Diane, my physio from last year came, and said I am doing very well!  That was a relief.   My medicine arrived, so I will be all set to go when my young surgeon oks me for take-off.  And a big box of flowers arrived - lilies, carnations, in spring colours - from Julia of Arabia - together with some chocolates which the Captain and I have just shared.

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