Thursday, 6 March 2014

Operation Dreams

Once again, though I don't think I was as shocked as last time - I got some effective post-op pain meds for a start - I can't put things together.  What happened on the Saturday?   Its a blur. But I do remember a series of small sleeps with very vivid dreams.

At one point, I was looking at the blue hospital folder at the foot of my bed and, to my horror, I found that my old maths teacher had sent in a letter to warn the hospital how stupid I was at maths - including a whole load of sums I had got wrong.   "I didn't know they went THAT far back?!" panicked my dream self.

Then the nurses were dancing in the middle of the ward in white Laura Ashley dresses sprigged with red flowers.

And then the dream Captain Butterfly and I were getting married again - renewing our vows, I suppose. But, unlike our first modest family and friends Registery Office wedding, this one was being held in Chichester Cathedral!   It was packed.  I had about a mile of aisle to walk down.  And I had turned in up my old green jacket, a white t-shirt, and an old skirt.  I don't think I had even combed my hair.  It was a nightmare.  Or at the least, a high anxiety dream.

Yesterday - before that fades too - did my emails - took my meds - watched House Doctor in the early hours, as I have just done now.  Opened the first cards to come - spoke to Jackie - took and made some phone calls - including Mark, Audrey and Maggie.  And cousin Sheila rang.  Hopefully we will able to get together for a pub lunch come the summer.   Am in a lot of what is called "discomfort", i.e. the knee is very painful.  But I have already set off once without my crutches!   Though, to my physio's horror should she find out, I put myself back on my zimmer.   I had a violent arthritis attack in my shoulder in the early hours yesterday. Hope to be back on crutches as soon as it has subsided.

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