Friday, 31 December 2010

Back Home

We got back home on Wednesday afternoon.  The drive back was OK - apart from one hold up caused by a horrendous crash involving at least four cars.  I can only hope that everyone involved  survived it.  There were ambulances, a fire engine, and bits of a car and luggage scattered all over.  A nightmare.

As we drove south, it got foggier and foggier, and we arrived here to find the Channel had disappeared into a thick sea mist.

It was strangely quiet with no cat/cats on the bed.   Col became convinced at one point during our stay in Sheffield that there were three cats in the room (officially there are only two).  However by the morning we were back to our usual one (Miss Scooter herself).  She was still with her tail.  They have signed The Wardrobe Pact, and have formed an uneasy alliance.

I felt a bit flat, but it was wonderful to get to the meeting last night and to find Maggie back again, so she and I could be in our usual seats.  And Col has a dig on Sunday so hopefully we will be back in our routines in no time.   What is still lovely (after two plus years of retirement) is not having to go back to the working 9 to 5 routine as we always used to after our holidays.

I am making a start on replying to all who sent Christmas cards and letters - greatly helped by the fact that Captain B's 2011 butterfly cards have arrived - and lovely they are.  He ordered a set of postcards too.

People sometimes say that they will believe in a Creator if he shows them a miracle.  But we are surrounded by miracles.  Think: caterpillar turning into chrysalis turning into butterfly - just for a start.

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