Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ice - and hearts with chips of ice in them

If only I had gone to the beach today who knows what compliments I might have garnered from the charming Maurice?  But I went to the shops instead.  It was so cold. There was ice inside my car.  I have never known that before.   I have not done my studies yet, oh dear.  But i have replied to Chuck and Mary's letter, plus I posted the butterfly calendar to the Bavarian branch of the family, and one to Rob and Judy in Northumberland.  And of course made lunch and dinner for the two of us.
We watched a very powerful documentary by John Pilger on the telly last night about the current crusades in the Middle East.   There is a good review of it in The Guardian today.  
Whoever said: "The first casualty of war is truth" was not wrong.  And of course I was thinking all the way through it how important the Christian preaching work is and how I must must must improve.  Mick has promised me a shepherding call this weekend which is really good of him as I know how busy the elders are.
The documentary was heartbreaking, and it was hard to go to sleep after watching it.  

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