Sunday, 19 December 2010

Spanish dancers

We walked on the beach again yesterday afternoon and the Western wind was icy.  Col clicked and dug for ring pulls, while it seemed that I danced with Maurice. 

What a great Latino dancer that mussel is!   He is not so great on the hip work, as he doesn't actually have any hips, but castanets -  Wow!!

In the morning, when the sun came out,  Col drove us through the icy slush and we did a big shop and also went over to Maggie's, so I could take her  'Examining the Scriptures Daily' and the Calender for 2011, which is rushing up fast.  We had a coffee and a chat in her lovely warm house.

Then the Final of Strictly.   Pamela and James were the first voted off - which was upsetting (especially for the Captain), but we thought that Kara and Artem were worthy winners - she so graceful and him such a brilliant choreographer (as well as dancer).

I hope Maurice can choreograph. 

The James and Pamela showdance was best though (in my opinion).   And I still long for the showdance that could have been - the Ann and Anton showdance - and the judges comments that would have followed.

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