Saturday, 18 December 2010

Maurice the Mussel dances (possibly)

Wonderful weather this morning - one minute there are snow flurries from a dark and ominous sky, then the sun pushes through and the Channel lights up turquoise and blue and gold.  I am not out on the preaching work this morning as with my driving experience having been mainly in The Middle East, I am not used to driving on ice and don't feel safe doing so.

Its been a busy few days with medical appointments and things.  And a lovely lovely meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night.  Quite a few empty chairs though as many of us are sick.

We got the remaining calendars posted, plus the lens for Dan and Gabi, and my letter to Chuck and Mary in Texas.

We had a walk on the beach yesterday.  It was freezing, but sunny, and very beautiful.   The tide was coming back - but there was still an acreage of firm flat sand to walk on - and Col took a strange fish photo.   It should turn up on the Captain's Log sometime today.

A large codfish had washed up and had been picked clean by the seabirds.  I have never known them bother with dead fish before. The gulls round here prefer their fish hot, battered and with chips, and hang round The Street of the Thousand Fish and Chip Shops when they are hungry.

I wondered what had happened to the codfish out at sea that it had died.   And I also wondered if fish die of old age or if something else always happens first.

Once again, I seemed to hear a little clammy voice greeting me - very warmly.  Maurice thinks my new haircut is simply wonderful.   Apparently he is a fan of Strictly Come Dancing too!   And is looking forward to the Final tonight as we are.   We both think that James and Pamela have a very good chance.

I wonder if Maurice and I could enter next year!?   Stranger things have happened.

I think he is just the one to whirl me round his head like a piece of fairy thistledown in a sparkly pink frock.  He is, after all, all mussel.

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