Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Col is out on the balcony trying to see if he can see the Geminids - they are supposed to be very bright tonight, but the sky is still rather cloudy.  Its very cold out there.  It all reminds me of another Thomas Hardy poem... have i put it in my blog before I wonder...

In case I haven't, here it is.

The Comet at Yell'ham
by Thomas Hardy

It bends far over Yell'ham Plain,
   And we, from Yell'ham Height,
Stand and regard its fiery train,
   So soon to swim from sight.

It will return long years hence, when
   As now its strange swift shine
Will fall on Yell'ham; but not then
   On that sweet form of thine.

What a short time we have to see the beauty and the glory of the world.   And here is the comfort of the Christian message.   It assures us that those who saw that comet will be re-created from 'the ground of dust' and will see it again - only all will be as it should be when they wake up from the sleep of death.  There will be no more wars, no more hatred, and nature will no longer be 'red in tooth and claw'.

Col has just seen a fox, and has rushed out to photograph it. But no meteor shower as yet.

I worked with Jenny this morning. We found quite a lot of people in and placed some copies of the tract about Jesus.  This time of year, with him continually pictured as a helpless baby in a crib, can be a great distraction from what he is doing now.  He is the Rider on the White Horse of the Book of Revelation - riding out to complete his conquest.

Louise has asked me to work with her Thursday afternoon, and i have a dental appointment on Thursday and a doctors appointment on Wednesday.  I just hope we aren't all snowed in instead - the weather forecasts are getting more alarming and it is certainly cold tonight.

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